Tag: Breakthroughs

  • A Republican governor just defied his own party to stand up for clean energy.

    Breaking with his party, Republican Governor John Kasich in Ohio took a small, but significant step toward fighting climate change. In 2008, the Ohio legislature passed a bill requiring that 12.5% of energy supplied to customers in the state come from renewable sources. In 2014, midway through his first term, Kasich signed a bill freezing […]

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  • Paying people to not cut down trees is surprisingly cheap and effective.

    If a stranger said they’d give you $5 every time you take the bus instead of driving, would you? You’re probably going to burn a couple dollars worth of gas stuck in this traffic jam anyway. Photo from iStock. What about a quarter for every time you bring your own water bottle, instead of reaching […]

  • As we’re scrambling to fix health care, food stamps are quietly paying off.

    No one should have to choose between food and medicine. For many low-income people with chronic illnesses, however, it’s a decision far too familiar. Seth Berkowitz, a doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital, recalls a woman — a mother — who ended up in the hospital with dangerously high blood pressure. The woman had a prescription […]

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson’s new viral video is straight-up scientific fire.

    Science is part of how America became America, Neil deGrasse Tyson says in a new video. In the video, Tyson delivers what he says might be his most important message ever: America stop messing around. C’mon! We put a man on the moon! We invented the internet! And yeah, we’ve never been a perfect county. […]

  • 9 reasons you shouldn’t throw away clothes, and 4 things you can do instead.

    It’s springtime! The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and everyone’s ready to clean out their closets. There’s something about warmer weather it seems to make us want to do a complete makeover on our wardrobes and get rid of clutter around the house. When it comes to unwanted items, sometimes it just feels […]

  • Ingrid Michaelson just put a terrifying and topical twist on one of her hit songs.

    Last night’s episode of “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” was all about climate change, a topic that can feel both done-to-death and completely fresh at the same time. Weather-wise, the past few months have been a doozy, featuring everything from a seemingly endless parade of destructive hurricanes and floods to devastating wildfires, all of which […]

  • 21 images of the best signs from March for Science rallies around the globe.

    The second annual March for Science rallies are a call to action. And a showcase for great signs. In America and other parts of the world, the scientific community has been under attack — and last year, organizers put together the first-ever March for Science. Like so many of the rallies that sprang up in […]