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  • Meet the man trying to use conservative values to fight climate change.

    The sixth time he ran for Congress, Rep. Bob Inglis (R-South Carolina) made two big mistakes. The second mistake, according to Inglis, was when he refused to confirm at a town hall event that President Barack Obama was indeed an evil secret non-American Muslim socialist. But the truly shameful blunder that would cost him the […]

  • How screwy climate problems may have brought Trump’s grandfather to America.

    Since the 18th century, over 7 million Germans have moved to North America, gifting countries like the United States with their language and culture. Participants in New York City’s annual German-American Steuben Parade back in 2002. Photo by Graham Morrison/Getty Images. We can still see their influence in our love of Oktoberfest, the accordions found […]

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  • The ‘Blue Planet II’ crew didn’t just capture the magic of the ocean. They helped save it.

    Tasked with revealing the planet’s most beautiful sights, nature documentarians often hope they inspire people to get involved with conservation. But this film crew decided to start saving the Earth themselves. On Sunday, the BBC Earth Twitter account confirmed that the filmmaking team behind their spectacular dive into the ocean’s hidden depths, “Blue Planet II,” […]

  • Richard Branson sank a ship and turned it into a sea-saving monster.

    If ships really do have souls, the Kodiak Queen’s must have been a weary one. It’s an old ship, first launched as a Navy barge in 1940 under the uninspiring moniker YO-44, and it’s had its share of experiences. On Dec. 7, 1941, for instance, it was moored in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, when the Japanese […]

  • A climate expert and a cartoonist explain why winter storms may be intensifying.

    Ready or not, winter weather is on its way. Part beautiful, part treacherous, snow and ice storms can wreak havoc on homes, businesses, and travel plans from coast to coast. And though you may be bundling your coat, climate experts say there’s a major culprit to blame: global warming. Nonfiction comic artist Andy Warner illustrated […]

  • With Trump out of the Paris climate deal, France looks to poach top researchers.

    Last week, President Donald Trump announced he will withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate accord. Other world leaders are not hesitating to capitalize on that decision. The day before Trump’s announcement to leave the international commitment to fight climate change, French President Emmanuel Macron trolled Trump, retooling the U.S. president’s campaign catchphrase in a […]

  • This science fair winner is taking on global drought using oranges and avocados.

    Who ever thought you could fight the effects of drought just by mixing fruits together? A 16-year-old from Johannesburg, that’s who! Science whiz Kiara Nirghin, a grade 11 student at St. Martin’s School in Johannesburg, came up with an idea that could make a big difference in drought-stricken regions. “Currently, South Africa is experiencing one […]

  • These 10 genius Stephen Hawking quotes will inspire you to dream big.

    Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images. Stephen Hawking, universally beloved scientist and one of the greatest minds of our generation, has died at age 76. The theoretical physicist, best known for his work in cosmology (particularly with black holes), was both a visionary and an inspiration. Outside his vast intelligence (of which he was very […]

  • It may sound weird, but Lego is quietly trying to ditch plastics.

    For the past 59 years, we’ve all been building spaceships and castles, experimenting with what head goes on what body, and arguing with our siblings about where the grey 2-by-5 brick went thanks to Lego. “The S.S. Awesome can’t have any holes in it, Amanda. I know you have that 1-by-8 somewhere.” Photo by Kent […]