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  • How To Break Into A Car With Just A Shoelace

    This how to video from 2008 has started to trend again. Petrik08 posted the video where a driver purposefully locks himself out, and breaks into his own car with only a shoe lace and a boy scout knot. Of course, as YouTuber TheRyvor so eloquently put it, the method “works well only if your car is from 1989.”   Read […]

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  • Guy Goes On A Road Trip Around The US With Stranger

    They set up the websiteInternet Adventure Club, and had others give them missions to fulfill during their journey.   Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2016/03/03/guy-goes-on-a-road-trip-around-the-us-with-stranger/

  • Honda Unveils World’s Fastest Lawnmower

    Honda makes many different types of engines and machines. But they are also well known for their racing technology. So it’s no surprise that the popular Japanese motor company has unveiled the world’s fastest lawnmower.   It’s even official according to the world famous Guinness World Records.  Just imagine mowing the lawn Sunday afternoon and shocking […]

  • Seven Year Old Steals Car To Escape Church

    Most kids don’t relish church, but rare few would dare steal a care to escape Sunday School. Well, TurboDally posted this news report over the weekend about a seven year who hated church so much, he did just that, stealing his dad’s Dodge. Police were called when a witness saw the kid driving through a stop sign.  […]

  • German DJ Covers No Diggity In The Car

    Prominent German DJ Flula got a ride from his buddy Chester See and decided to take the opportunity to record a song.  The two perform an epic cover of the Blackstreet 1990′s hit No Diggity that you won’t soon forget.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2014/02/14/german-dj-covers-no-diggity-in-the-car/

  • Race Car Driver Steering Wheel Pops Off

    This race car driver is all pumped up and ready to race. He revs his engine and then they’re off. But in just a few seconds, he grabs his steering wheel and the wheel just pops right off. That’s a little scary.   Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2011/06/20/race-car-driver-steering-wheel-pops-off/

  • Little Boy Mispronounces “We’re Trucking” While Driving With Dad And Uncle

    NSFW Warning – cute, accidental inappropriate language Young kids mispronouncing words like ‘truck‘ that are oh-so similar to common swear words is a timeless favorite in real life and online. That Ian Bloke was trucking along across the pond with his brother and nephew when they decided to declare their actions on camera.  His brother, the driver, […]