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  • This Is How Much Barack Obama Earns In A Year

    As the U.S presidential race begins to heat up, and people around the world wonder who will be taking Obama’s spot (and praying it’s not Trump), it seems like a good time to discuss the money. Let’s face it, we’re a very nosy species, us humans. There are two kinds of people, people who admit […]

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    This Guy Sent His Mum A Cardboard Cut-Out Of Himself, And She Got Creative

    22-year-old Dalton, from Tennessee, is currently studying abroad in London. And naturally, his mum misses him a lot. Wanting to ease her pain and misery, Dalton sent her a cardboard cut out of himself to keep her company: Now, we’re sure that Dalton is having a great time on his year abroad in London, but […]

  • Guy Calls Out Cheating Girl By Tweeting What She Did On Her HenDo

    Graham, if you’re reading, we have some bad news for you. Samantha, your fiance, is shagging about. That’s what Owen Restall says, anyway. If your names Graham and your fiance is called Samantha on her hen do in Newcastle dont marry her, she’s shagging my mate in a Travelodge, he tweeted on a night out. […]

  • Five People Who Took Trolling To The Next Level

    Trolling, or“deliberately, cleverly, and secretly p**sing people off”, has become quite the art form. Yes, it can be done with poor intentions, and yes, it can be annoying. But here are five (relatively well-intentioned) trolls – some on the internet, some trolling in real life – who did one hell of a good job… 1. […]

  • Woman Sues Disney’s Frozen For Allegedly Stealing Her Life Story

      Those of you that though Disney’s Frozen was about an ice princess and a talking snowman are wrong, so very wrong. It’s actually one woman’s true-life story — or so she’s claiming in a new $250 MILLION lawsuit. If you’re going to aim, then you may as well aim high… Isabella Tanikumi claims the […]

  • helloU’s Ten Daily

    These are the 10 images that have been trending online today. #1 – That Escalated Quickly #2 – Everybody likes it when their beer is happy to see them Read more: http://www.hellou.co.uk/2014/07/hellous-ten-daily-23-11807/

  • A ‘Making A Murderer’ Sequel Is On The Way

    We’ve suspected for a while that episode ten of ‘Making a Murderer’ wouldn’t be the last, and creators Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos have just confirmed their intentions to make a sequel. They’ve spoken to Steven’s new lawyer – wrongful conviction specialist Kathleen Zellner – and they’re hoping to start filming new episodes, charting what […]