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  • Refugees arriving in Scotland will get this front page greeting.

    Immediately following the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, refugees from Syria were thrown into the spotlight. And, in many ways, unfairly so. Speculation began swirling that those involved in the Nov. 13, 2015, attacks had crossed into France amongst the wave of Syrian refugees escaping conflict. This line of thinking prompted harsh anti-refugee rhetoric across […]

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  • Patti Davis, Ronald Reagan’s daughter, just called out Donald Trump for violent rhetoric.

    During an August 9 rally in Wilmington, North Carolina, Donald Trump did what he’s been doing all campaign long he said something controversial and inflammatory. That, in itself, isn’t surprising to anyone who’s been following the 2016 campaign. Whether he’s calling Mexicans “rapists,” slamming the parents of a fallen soldier, or calling a sitting U.S. […]

  • What happened at the GOP debate last night? Here are 7 interesting moments.

    The road to the presidency is looooong. Democracy in America takes a long time to blossom. We still have a couple of months till the first primary, and there are 14 candidates still running for president on the Republican side along with five in the Democratic primary. And last night, on Oct. 28, 2015, the […]

  • This photographer’s response to Brock Turner’s release is eye-opening.

    Warning: This story contains graphic images. Yana Mazurkevich, a junior photography major at Ithaca College, felt incredibly angry when Brock Turner was released from prison three months early. “I dont comprehend how someone can invade someone elses body like that. I dont understand the logic,” Mazurkevich said. So in response, she decided to use her […]

  • Meet the former inmates who lunched with Obama after he shortened their prison stays.

    It’s one thing for a president to shorten someone’s prison sentence. It’s another thing entirely to take them out to lunch. On March 30, 2016, President Obama granted early prison releases to 61 individuals who were serving time for nonviolentdrug-related crimes. Over the course of his presidency, he’s issued 248 such commutations (sentence reductions) more […]

  • France’s ban on the burkini might not last much longer.

    When Aheda Zanetti designed the burkini more than a decade ago, she did it for one very simple reason. “I created them to stop Muslim children from missing out on swimming lessons and sports activities,” the Australian-based designer told Politico. “There was nothing out there to suit their needs.” For the uninitiated, a burkini a […]

  • How someone who walked on the moon can put our elections into sharp perspective.

    OK, show of hands: Who’s pumped to get bombarded with political attack ads? No? I know me neither. Election season is long. Really long. Really really really long. I’m actually not sure it ever really ends. Even for those of us who love politics, democracy, and little flag pins, a presidential election can really seem […]