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  • Human Face Coffee Lids Let You Kiss Your Morning Cup

    Many people have warm feelings towards their morning cup of coffee. Why not express them with a kiss on the lips? “Take ‘Kiss’ Out” is a coffee cup lid designed by Korean designer Jang Woo-Seok. It features puckered lips and a nose – as much human face as a lid needs for a kiss. So […]

  • Coffee Shops In LA Are Hell

    Entering any coffee shop is like walking into an alternate reality. But coffee shops in Los Angeles are a very special kind of monster.  Only in HelLA demonstrates the nightmare that are coffees shops in LA in this humorous sketch.   Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2014/04/16/coffee-shops-in-la-are-hell/

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  • Witch Uses Telekinetic Powers At Coffee Shop Prank

    In this day and age, viewers are no longer interested in a simple movie trailer or commercial.  So to promote the new Carrie horror movie remake with proper viral Internet flair, the studio marketers commissioned this horror prank video at a New York City coffee shop.  With nearly the entire shop previously setup, unknown coffee patrons […]