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  • Meet Anthony – 24 Year Old With Autism Starts Delivery Business

    Anthony is a 24 year old is autism. He lives in Edmonton, Canada, and dreams of running his own successful delivery business, Anthony At Your Service. With the help of his caretaker/good buddy Michael Hamm, they published this commercial of sorts for their new undertaking.  With a smile like that, it’s no wonder Anthony has stolen […]

  • Usher Fights Himself In ‘Looking 4 Myself’ Samsung Music Video

    Music videos and marketing continue to meld. As we have seen before, more artists are turning from simply featuring a product, such as a smartphone or watch, in their music videos to dedicating entire songs to advertising. Pop superstar Usher is the latest artist to follow this trend. He and Samsung Televisions collaborated to create this ‘Looking […]

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  • New JAY-Z Magna Carta Holy Grail Album Behind The Scenes

    Corporate collaboration continues in the pop music world. Superstar Jay-Z is the most recent big name to team up with a major sponsor to promote themselves and help make their new corporate allies cool.  In order to drum up hype for his new Magna Carta Holy Grail album, Jay-Z posted this special behind the scenes look at […]

  • Do It Yourself Car Honda April Fools Commercial

    Honda knows there are potential hipster costumers out there who aren’t satisfied with a mainstream, already built car. When you’re already making your own homemade kombucha and yarn, why not out-hipster your friends by building your own car? Thankfully, this humorous commercial for Honda’s first DIY car is an April Fools joke.      Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2014/04/01/do-it-yourself-car-honda-april-fools-commercial/

  • Disabled Mannequins PSA Because Who Is Perfect

    Mannequins in department stores, of course, portray the perfect body. But what is perfection, and who exactly lives up to the standards of being perfect? To honor International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Zurich advocacy group Pro InfirmisCH made this powerful commercial where they created mannequins, not based on the bodies of supermodels, but based on people with disabilities, such […]

  • Twitter Five Year Anniversary Celebrity Commercial

    Even though now it seems like such a simple idea, Twitter has really helped change the world. It is an intricate part of Web 2.0. From revolting against oppressive governments to checking out your favorite celebrities, Twitter helps people stay connected in a way never before. In honor of their 5th anniversary, Twitter launched a […]

  • Justin Timberlake Celebrity PSA Against Child Sex Slavery Commercial

    Demi Moore and Ashton Kucher made a few PSA viral videos online. The first stars pop prince, Justin Timberlake, who takes a shave in front of the bathroom sink. “Real men prefer a close shave,” is the line said while he foams up and grabs a chain saw. Then they say, “Real men don’t buy […]

  • WestJet Christmas Miracle

    WestJet recently brought a little Christmas cheer to some of their lucky travelers. Before boarding, West Jet passengers were prompted to scan their boarding passes at a special screen which revealed a very real Santa Claus who asked what they desired this holiday.  None of them expected to actually receive their gifts when picking up their luggage […]

  • Star Wars Informercials

    In honor of the nerdy May the Fourth holiday, The Gamer Chick published this hilarious Star Wars Informercials compilation reel. All the late night infomercial cliches viewers love to hate make an appearance with a Star Wars twist, such as the ubiquitous help-these-poor-cute-animals adverts.   But the ‘Home Carbonite Kit’ is the main focus. Sick of your expensive food going […]