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  • iPhone 5 Parody Ad: A Taller Change

    Not wanting to miss out on such a famous event, many comedians and nerds quickly got to work making iPhone 5 parodies as soon as news about the latest popular Apple smartphone was released.  Besides for some software and internal upgrades, the only external change is the phone is slightly longer. Now there is enough room […]

  • Sticky Rice Restaurant Launches Sushi Into Space Commercial

    Small scale sushi restaurant Sticky Rice likes to think outside the box, especially for their advertising. They worked with RVA TV and Bark Marketing to create this unique commercial where they literally launched their popular Godzirra sushi roll into space. The video is featured on TheAwesomer.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2012/01/23/sticky-rice-sushi-in-space/

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  • Stride Mintacular Commercial Spoofs Apple Signature Advertising Style

    The moment the commercial starts, everyone recognizes it. Another pretentious, obnoxious commercial from Apple with their cliche all white background, and a general feeling of haughtiness like they cured cancer.  But all they’re really doing is selling yet another piece of over-priced consumer electronics that will be obsolete in a few years.  There have been countless parodies […]

  • Grandpa Goes Wild Driving Electric Scooter Taco Bell Super Bowl Commercial Teaser

    One of America‘s biggest holidays is just around the corner. The Super Bowl. It’s the one holiday based completely on our true obsessions, junk food and violence.  As the tradition goes, the commercials during the Super Bowl are the year’s most expensive, and, supposedly, most entertaining adverts marketers can come up with. Taco Bell has gotten […]

  • Heinz Just Made The Most Important Super Bowl Commercial Ever

    In the history of Super Bowl commercials, few have approached this level of perfection. When Heinz decided to roll out a Super Bowl ad for their famous condiments, they knew that they needed to create something that people across the country could identify with — so they decided to go with the great equalizer: puppies. […]

  • Norwegian Association Of The Blind PSA Demonstrates Why Seeing Eye Dogs Are Better Than The Alternatives

    For some terrible reason, people in Norway apparently don’t take too kindly to seeing-eye dogs for the blind. The Norwegian Association of the Blind and TRY Apt explain that it ‘could have been worse’ in this commercial from May that has gone viral recently. What if that blind person in your cab had a sheep service animal? Or […]

  • Old Spice I Can Do Anything Commercial

    As usual, Old Spice‘s latest commercial is already a great success, quickly spreading across the blogosphere. In the video, which is featured on Mashable and StuffIStole, a scrawny nerd plays a special Old Spice Champion motivational tape that somehow changes his whole life. Did he just break up with Heather Graham?   Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2012/04/23/old-spice-i-can-do-anything-commercial/

  • YouTube Stars On Ricki Lake Show Commercial

    Remember Ricki Lake? Well, the 90′s talk show host is returning to the airwaves on her new show, The New Ricki Lake Show. To promote the show to a much younger online audience, Ricki is having an upcoming YouTube Stars episode. The guest list consists of top YouTuber Ryan Higa, Bed Intruder famous Antoine Dodson, Friday music video famous Rebecca […]

  • The Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercial Parody

    By now, you’ve probably seen Coca-Cola‘s latest propaganda campaign. Titled Coming Together, the commercial discusses how important the Coca-Cola company is to America, and also how obesity is a growing problem. Naturally, they barely hint that soft drinks could be one of the leading culprits in the childhood obesity epidemic, and gush over their new seemingly ‘healthy’ options.  Thankfully, John Pemberton noticed […]

  • Kia K900 Matrix Super Bowl Commercial Starring Morpheus

    Kia has surprised the car community with their recent luxury debut, the K900. To battle the disbelief that Kia can make a true luxury car, they commissioned Morpheus from The Matrix films to star in this sci-fi themed Superbowl ad.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2014/01/29/kia-k900-matrix-superbowl-commercial-starring-morpheus/