Tag: Crazy

  • Boy Singing Ain’t Gonna Pee My Bed Tonight

    This strange video had gone by unseen for almost four years online, until just a few days ago it exploded with viral activity. Why has the video gone viral? Well, let’s just say you haven’t seen something like this online in a long, long time. It’s a 1990′s video of a full on stage performance […]

  • Recovery Of SUV Stuck In Mud Goes Seriously Wrong

    This dramatic clip from the Australian rugged expedition television show All 4 Adventures has gone viral.  While searching for new fishing spots on the coast, adventurers Jase and Simon got stuck in a sticky situation. Literally.  One of the SUV’s quickly sunk in wet mud while attempting to cross some water tracks. With the tide coming in […]

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  • Crossing Busy Street In Vietnam

    Traffic in America is very simple. People wait for a green light to walk across a busy street, or, if there’s no cars, they jay walk. In other countries, it’s more of a free for all. In this video, a daring man crosses a super busy street in Vietnam one tiny step at a time. […]

  • New Yorkers Stand On The Seats In Fear When A Rat Is Discovered In Subway Train

    New Yorkers are known as strong, resilient people. But throw a fat rat on a subway train traveling through Brooklyn and everyone breaks down into terrified children.  Watch as businessmen, students, and other commuters stand on the seats of a D train heading downtown in fear of the fat rodent.  Jinais Ponnampadikkal Kader caught the whole […]

  • Snowboarder Engulfed In Avalanche Survives

    Professional snow boarder Meesh Hytner was boarding in the back country near Montezuma, Arizona when a class 3 avalanche literally engulfed her. She only had a few moments to react, and the pro thankfully deployed her BCA Float 30 avalanche airbag in time to help keep her above the snow. The chilling video is featured on Gizmodo, Bing, YouTubeTrends, […]

  • What Is The Speed of Dark

    Everyone knows that the speed of light is the fastest speed possible for any physical object. But what about the speed of dark? Darkness is just the absence of light, but as Michael of Vsauce explains, that’s only half of the story.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2014/07/30/what-is-the-speed-of-dark/

  • Red Hot Ball Of Nickel Dropped Into Water Has Amazing Science Fiction Like Results

    Homestead chemist Cars And Water has a slew of video experiments, and for the first time, has gone viral. In his video Red Hot Nickel Ball In Water, he drops a ball of burning red hot pure nickel into a bucket of water. Once immersed, the metal reacts in a truly out-of-this-world fashion reminiscent of 1960′s science fiction.   The […]

  • Amazing Gymnastic, Freerunner Tricks On AirTrick Mat

    World renowned freerunner, stuntman, and gymnast Damien Walters teamed up with athletic friends to test out the new AirTrick Mat.  As is evident in his trending video, the trick mat is definitely parkour approved as the crew pull of eye-popping spins, twirls, and jumps. The clip has garnered over a quarter million views in one week, and […]

  • The Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting Conspiracy Documentary

    NSFW Warning – Offensive content The memory of the mass shooting that occurred at the Sandy Hook school in New Town, Connecticut is still raw in most Americans‘ hearts and minds. Initially, there was so much chaos and misinformation in the news media those first few days, no one was really sure what exactly happened. Now that the official story has […]