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  • Fail Compilation June 2012

    The Internet’s most famous fail compiler TwisterNederlandTNL is back with another slap-tastic video. All of the best fail for June can be found right here.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2012/06/27/fail-compilation-june-2012/

  • Here Are 20 Of The Craziest Things People Have Ever Done For Money

    googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); Listen. People do truly insane things for money. (And before we go any further, I’d like to ask you to remove your mind from the gutter.) Anyway, like I was saying, it’s no secret that life’s rough out here for those of us who are just trying to pay our bills, […]

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  • Powerful Winds Destroy Wind Turbine

    Wind turbine generators often have a safety breaker to protect the blades when winds become too strong. But this windmill in Djursland, Denmark malfunctioned, causing the powerful winds to spin the blades so fast the entire tower was destroyed.  The video was actually posted by Sneaker65 way back in 2008, but has only gone viral now with over 600,000 […]

  • These Things Used To Be Taboo But Now? We Don’t Even Think About It. Crazy!

    “The times, they are changing.” said a young Bob Dylan once. Dylan himself even changed from a rebellious folk poet to born again Christian in his later years. This week we had a massive leak of scandalous celebrity photos, and people are quick to sit on their high horses and say “kids these days” and “what […]

  • Blake Griffin Bounces Ball Off The Wall Slam Dunk

    Blake Griffin of the LA Clippers has gone viral again in this slam dunk video published by Dream League that has amassed over one million views in just two days.  Blake made an impressive slam dunk off the gym wall in Vegas during Team USA Men’s Basketball preliminaries prompting spectators to cheer. The video is covered by ESPN and NYDailyNews.   Read […]

  • OK Go – Needing/Getting Music Video Plays Music With Chevy Sonic

    OkGo is famous for their real life, complex, Rube Goldberg type music videos. Their latest video for their new song Needing/Getting involves playing music with a Chevy Sonic in ways you couldn’t even dream of. Naturally, in just one day they already broke one million views with many more on the way.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2012/02/06/ok-go-needinggetting-music-video-plays-music-with-chevy-sonic/

  • Ghost In Australian Supermarket

    Australian morning show Sunrise on Channel 7 made fools of themselves ‘covering’ a ghost story at a local supermarket. The new owner says the past one warned him that the store was haunted, but he didn’t heed his advice. But one day he noticed a pack of candies on the floor, and security cameras don’t […]

  • A Day With A Russian Billionaire

    The extreme journalist at VICE continue to cover what the mainstream media wouldn’t dare. In their latest investigative report, Ryan Duffy follows around Russian oligarch Sergey Veremeenk and demonstrates how the .00001% in Russia live.   Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2013/07/16/a-day-with-a-russian-billionaire/

  • The Time You Have Left In Jelly Beans

    Eccentric YouTuber Ze Frank takes a deeper look into the meaning of life using jelly beans. Yes, jelly beans. He literally counted out 0ver 28,000 beans, one for each day the average Americans will live for. Most of those jelly beans will be spent of sleeping, watching TV, eating, commuting, and working. What will you do […]

  • Car Flips Over Into Parking Lot

    Sometimes things you work out right. Like this car accident. A driver crashed and flipped over a wall, only to land right side up in a parking lot. James Bond couldn’t do any better. The video is featured on TheDailyWhat and Jalopnik.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2011/07/20/car-flips-over-into-parking-lot/