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  • Beyonc√©’s badass Coachella performance honored HBCUs in a really dope way.

    Do you want a college experience filled with dope music, black culture, and Beyoncé as the dean of all that is black excellence? You should sign up for Beyoncé University.   Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella. We got to take a class during this year’s Coachella festival. The incredible singer and performer, also […]

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  • These nuns built a lovely little chapel. Right in the way of a pipeline. On purpose.

    Over 300 people gathered in a cornfield chapel on Sunday, July 9. Sister Janet McCann at the chapel’s dedication. Photo from David Jones/Lancaster Against Pipelines, used with permission. The chapel, a bare bones structure, rose out of a clear plot in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. There are no walls; its boundaries are marked by tall rows of […]

  • This artist is showcasing a new form of graffiti to shed light on deforestation.

    When Philippe Echaroux, a French street artist, heard about how deforestation is affecting the Surui tribe in the Brazilian Amazon, he decided to throw a massive spotlight on it literally. He did this by creating portraits of Surui tribe members, then projecting them in light, using the Amazon as his canvas. He calls this method […]

  • Finland’s new, weird school ‘courses’ say a lot about how we teach our kids.

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but there is no such job as “math.” There are mathematicians, sure, or engineers, but even math-heavy jobs still need strong foundations in grammar, technology, and history if they want to be successful. So it’s a little weird that American schools divide these subjects so heavily, like they […]

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    Fat Flag: Models Body-Painted With Flags Eating Their National Foods

    What first comes to mind when you see an American flag? Freedom, the Statue of Liberty, or maybe a big juicy burger? This last association was been used by French photographer Jonathan Icher in his “Fat Flag” photo series. [Read more…] With the help of make-up artist Anastasia Parquet, Icher picked five different nationalities and […]

  • Nearly 200 countries have signed on to a plan to tackle the world’s biggest problems. Let’s do it.

    Activists, celebrities, and nearly 200 world leaders have gathered for a not-so-simple goal: to save the world. Seriously. History will be made on Friday! See preview of what UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was joined by others outside UN headquarters for the announcement. Some astonishing ideas at #solutionssummit so far, including a way of planting a […]