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  • The story behind the viral family portraits shot on a former plantation.

    It was supposed to be a simple family photo shoot. And to the untrained eye, it was. The Mayo family: two adoring parents laughing and smiling with their sweet son and cheerful daughter in a cool, relaxing forest down in Louisiana. Their light and joy is palpable. But a closer look — and a refresher […]

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  • This model’s unibrow is a powerful response to toxic beauty standards.

    Meet Sophia Hadjipanteli. Just because people around you are killing it, doesn’t mean you aren’t or you won’t. I have been telling myself that a lot lately. ( @sarahfromnewyork ) A post shared by Sophia Hadjipanteli ☠️ (@sophiahadjipanteli) on Mar 21, 2018 at 8:28pm PDT She’s an Instagram phenom with over 180,000 followers and a […]

  • Even the Vulcans are smiling: Say hello to ‘Star Trek’s’ first female director.

    For months, the biggest news surrounding “Star Trek” was whether Quentin Tarantino would write and direct the next installment. Instead, “Star Trek” is getting its first female director. And it’s about time. Though details are still emerging, it appears that Clarkson, a veteran director of episodes of acclaimed shows like “Jessica Jones” and “Orange Is […]

  • 11 animal portraits that will inspire you to get back to nature.

    Brad Wilson takes fine art portraits of wild animals. Isolated in front of a dark backdrop and illuminated with soft lights, Wilson’s stunning portraits are deceptively simple, but deeply striking. His series, “Affinity” explores humans’ relationship (or lack thereof) with the natural world. Wanna get closer to nature? Start with 11 of Wilson’s jaw-dropping photos […]

  • One guy is responsible for producing most of your favorite songs, and you’ve never even heard of him.

    Be real: How many think-pieces have you read about twerking? What about “Yeezus” or Bieber-deportation-fever? I know you have many feelings about Rihanna and I don’t even know you. After this clip, you’ll be wondering what all that getting worked up is really about. Read more: http://www.upworthy.com/one-guy-is-responsible-for-producing-most-of-your-favorite-songs-and-youve-never-even-heard-of-him1?c=tpstream

  • This popular college major is coming to high schools and preparing kids for any career.

    Picture a classroom. In some increasingly modern schools, you might be surprised how things have changed. Many schools still operate on the old models of textbooks and paper homework. But as we move forward into the future, some more innovative classrooms are adapting with the times. More and more, educators are realizing that traditional curriculums […]