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  • Justin Bieber Santa Claus Is Coming Claymation Music Video

    Once Halloween ends, the Christmas season begins. Even though we still have Thanksgiving, people like to get a jump start. Justin Bieber has come out with his own version of the Christmas classic, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. The music video is a cute claymation masterpiece. As usual, JB fans will enjoy, and the […]

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  • This Little Kid Really Loves Pushing His Mother’s Buttons — Too Cute

    Kids can be cute and innocent, until they find that one tiny thing that will irk you to no end. Once they’ve discovered that thing that sends you over the edge, it’s pretty much guaranteed that they’re going to push your buttons and use that one weakness to their advantage. You can see this exact […]

  • Emotional Note Card Story Dog Parody

    Note card stories where someone will tell a written story using just note cards, usually with melodramatic music in the background, are  as popular as ever. It’s time for something new. It’s time for a Dalmatian note card story. And boy does Charmin have a very big secret that he has to get off his paws.    […]

  • Dogs Sneezing Compilation

    The first time you hear your dog sneeze can be frightening. They just sneeze in such an explosive way. This compilation of dogs sneezing was uploaded online in the summer, but just went viral now after being featured on HaveYouSeenThis and TastefullyOffensive.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2011/12/21/dogs-sneezing-compilation/

  • Fifth Grader Pro-Same Sex Marriage Speech On News

    Kameron Slade is only ten years old, but he is wise beyond his years. When his Queens school held a speech contest, the fifth grader chose same sex marriage as his topic, and wrote how everyone should have the same right to get married. But his principal felt otherwise and didn’t allow the topic to be […]

  • Baby Girl Meets Cat For First Time

    First times for kids is always a special occasion. This little girl meets a cat for the first time and immediately fell in love. But she showed her love a little too aggressively, and the cat gave her a little smack back. The baby cried for a bit, but got over it quickly. Then their relationship […]

  • Greedy Hamster And Cat – In Real Life Tom And Jerry Scene

    The best part of classic cartoons like Tom and Jerry was the music. Without any talking, the music is the narrator, telling the story through emotion and song.  And that’s exactly what video editor Ignoramusky successfully did. He took an already adorable scene of a hamster stuffing its face after a cat showed up, and added cliche […]

  • Puppy Rescued From Underground Pipe

    The Michigan humane Society just went viral with adorable new puppy rescue video. A cute four week old puppy had gotten stuck under a house in a pipe, so MHS was called. After spending hours trying to dig it out by hand, they thankfully got an excavator to finish the job. Finally, the pup was saved.    Read more: […]

  • Red Panda Cub Scared By Keeper

    This adorable animal video by Mmovies21 went viral over the weekend, garnering over 160,000 views so far. While two red panda cubs were playing, one of the keepers walked into the den, surprising one of the cute cubs. After first going viral on Reddit, the video has been subsequently featured on Philly, DailyBeast, Gawker, and NowMSN. […]