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  • 10+ Of The Funniest Design Fails By “Crappy Design”

    From two gay lions on Noah’s Ark to a bottle of boy syrup, these hilarious fails show that designers are always just a tiny step away from screwing up. These pics were collected from a subreddit called “Crappy Design”, which features some of the funniest examples of their work that prove the importance of every punctuation […]

  • 13+ Brutally Honest Diagrams That Perfectly Sum Up A Designer’s Life

    Designers have beautiful problems. Or, at least they’re able to express their problems in a beautiful way. New York-based designer and educator Mitch Goldstein has designed a website titled “A Helpful Diagram,” where he uses Venn diagrams to capture “the life, struggles and perspectives of a designer or design student.” “Designers give visual shape to […]

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  • Minimalist Animal Logos That Creatively Use Their Unique Body Shapes

    Indian graphic designer Shibu PG uses a subtle touch to add animal features to words. He modifies just one letter to add the defining characteristic; for example, the letter “u” in the word “bull” has horns. What you might have missed, however, is that the typeface plays a big role in the design. In the […]

  • Here Are 24 Absolutely Genius Product Packages. I’ll Take A Million Of #9!

    Presentation isn’t everything, but it sure goes a long way in determining whether or not you’re going to purchase a product. Some of these packaging designs will have you scratching your head, while others will undoubtedly leave you reaching for your wallet. Check them out! 1.) Thelma’s Cookies Imgur Imgur 2.) Green Berry Tea Imgur […]

  • This Lamp Creates A Thunderstorm In Your Living Room. And It’s Really, Really Cool.

    They say every dark cloud has a silver lining and these lamps will light your room up with proof. The imitation clouds produce the effect of a thunderstorm without having to actually deal with the crummy weather. Called simply “The Cloud” by its creators over at the Richard Clarkson Studio, the interactive lamp and speaker system recreate the […]