Tag: economics

  • This corporation-owned nonprofit literally makes up Mad Libs bills for politicians to pass.

    Mommy, where do bills come from? According to “Schoolhouse Rock,” it’s a whole bunch of boring bureaucratic nonsense set to music, which, well, half of that’s right, anyway. But even with the tedious waiting process, the song still presents a highly idealistic version of the lawmaking process, one where well-informed citizens reach out directly to […]

  • Nearly 200 countries have signed on to a plan to tackle the world’s biggest problems. Let’s do it.

    Activists, celebrities, and nearly 200 world leaders have gathered for a not-so-simple goal: to save the world. Seriously. History will be made on Friday! See preview of what UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was joined by others outside UN headquarters for the announcement. Some astonishing ideas at #solutionssummit so far, including a way of planting a […]

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