Tag: Fail

  • Soccer Player Trips Wasting Penalty Kick

    Amir Sayoud, playing for Egyptian side Al-Ahly in the Egypt Cup had a chance at a penalty shot, but instead, he somehow managed to get a yellow card.  He tripped right before kicking the ball, and fell over, softly rolling the ball to the goalkeeper. The keeper had no problem picking up the ball, and […]

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  • Roomba Committing Suicide

    That poor little feller! Got stuck in a plastic bag, so his sensors went crazy. And then that stupid cat comes along to laugh at his face… “Roomba takes a dive, surprising a cat.” via: blameitonthevoices Read more: https://www.viralviralvideos.com/2016/11/26/roomba-committing-suicide/

  • Oh Boy, The Youth Of America Is In Trouble. Someone Teach Them Something.

    It’s official: we’re worried. The youth of America is growing up super fast thanks to the Internet. It’s hard to see them grow up so quickly, especially when they run into some… maturity issues. When you see what these youths were doing, you’ll understand exactly what I mean. Hoo-boy…   1.) Someone isn’t making the NFL. funnyjunk […]

  • Celebrities Read Negative Tweets About Themselves On JKL

    With the magic of Twitter, celebrities and fans are more connected than ever. The mini blogging service is arguably used solely for this purpose. But it’s not all fun and gushing over celebs. There are plenty of negative comments tweeted to famous actors and entertainers all the time.  Jimmy Kimme Live correctly thought it would be fun for […]

  • Golfer Fails Trick Shot, Falls In Pond

    Mick and Bobbe are two friends who just went viral on YouTube. Last November, they posted this hilarious fail video that resulted after they finished off nine shots of polish vodka. After a round, the ball landed just a few inches short of the pond, and was nearly impossible to hit. Wearing his pink pants and silly […]

  • 10+ Times Karma Taught Assholes A Valuable Lesson

    Ever thought about eating something from the work fridge that didn’t belong to you? Perhaps you’ve considered stealing somebody else’s parking space, or maybe you’ve been tempted to beat the traffic by driving down the outside lane and cutting everybody else up? Well before you go ahead and do whatever nefarious thing you’ve been contemplating, […]

  • Worst Opening Pitch At Korean Baseball Game

    Throwing the first pitch is an honor given out to a special guest at nearly all baseball games. And the first pitch honor at a recent LG vs Samsung game in South Korea was given to a very special young lady, Jessica from Korean girl pop group SNSD. It was even more special because she […]

  • A Thrilling Ride Changes In A Flying Nightmare

    A decent ridegets your heart racing in your chest, but this is from a whole other level. When you’re dangling by your feet and the ride just keeps going on, we’re sure you’re fearing for your life. Scary stuff! Via: ViralViralVidoes.com Advertisement Read more: https://www.viralviralvideos.com/2017/04/15/thrilling-ride-changes-flying-nightmare/