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  • 20+ People Who Had One Job And Still Failed

    Sometimes people just have one job to do and they still manage to screw it up. In fact, they manage to screw it up so bad it’s even difficult to believe they didn’t notice. Luckily, when you’re not the one who messed up it can be pretty funny. Keep on scrolling to take a look […]

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    If These Translations Were Any Worse…Wait, They Can’t Get Any Worse.

    Translating one language to another is not an easy task, especially when that language is English. With its rules and exceptions to said rules, English is not an easy language to write in. That said, there’s still no excuse for translation fails as bad as the ones below. Did these people simply look at the […]

  • When you pick a fight with an undercover ninja. Tags: #fail #failvideo #stupid…

    When you pick a fight with an undercover ninja. Tags: #fail #failvideo #stupid #wasted #instafail #fails #failvids #epicfail #failsvids  #funny #funnyasfuck #funnypost #funnyvideo #funnyvines #funnyday #funnyshit #funnyvid #funnymemes #epicfunny #plentypainnogain #needforfail #pain #painful #ouch #thatsgonnahurtinthemorning #thatsgottahurt #failures #painfulvideos Source by Here Comes The Pain

  • Taxidermy Is Already Creepy Enough Without These 30 Bizarre Creations

    googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); I don’t like taxidermy one bit — it really freaks me out. Just knowing that the stuffed creatures were once living, breathing animals is very unsettling to me. No matter how accurately portrayed they are, they are still pretty disturbing. It makes me imagine the same thing happening to me when […]

  • 32 Tattoo Fails So Tragically Embarrassing That These People Should Never Go Outside Again.

    Getting a tattoo should be serious business (and not something young, drunk people should do at 2am). You’re permanently altering your body. For life. Forever. In fact, there are many people out there who should probably avoid getting tattoos altogether. Unfortunately, these 32 people made a few very bad decisions and ended up with some […]

  • 20 Easter Fails That’ll Make Your Holiday Seem So Much Better

    Preparing for a holiday is fun, but sometimes, it’s overwhelmingly stressful. Making a meal for your family, decorating the house, and even coloring Easter eggs can be a little much…but don’t worry, some people have it way worse than you do. These Easter fails will make you realize that, hey, no one is perfect (so […]