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  • Food Not Food: I Can’t Cook So I Make Food Out Of Everyday Items

    “Food Not Food” is a photography series of fake food made completely from ordinary household items. I started “Food Not Food” because I needed a creative outlet and wanted to do something completely out of the box. I love food but I can’t cook to save my life, and fake food doesn’t burn (normally). Everyday […]

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    31 Days of Creativity with Food by Hong Yi

    From the 1st of March Malaysian artist Hong Yi (previously here and here) started playing with her food – each day she creates a beautiful piece of art in her plate made entirely out of food. The artist that also goes by the name “Red” is going to create 31 pieces by month’s end. You […]

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    Dad Creates Educational Pancakes For His Kids

    Nathan Shields, a talented illustrator and math teacher currently living as a stay-at-home dad in Saipan, will teach you just how awesome it can be to play with your food. He uses his expert illustration skills to create surprisingly detailed pancake drawings that are as beautiful as they are delicious. As if we needed another […]

  • I Create Food Art Using Spoons As A Canvas

    My name is Ioana Vanc, I’m a Romanian architect and I enjoy making art pieces using everyday objects. I also love food art and I started using food items a lot more for my illustrations. However, I want to push myself to be more creative and make my food art more interesting and fun. Instead […]

  • Loving Man Makes Symmetrical Breakfasts For His Boyfriend Every Morning

    Michael Zee knows how to make a delicious and beautiful breakfast spread, and when he started creating appetizing symmetric breakfasts for himself and his boyfriend Mark van Beek, Instagram just ate it up! “People wonder if Im crazy or obsessive,” Zee told the Guardian, “but it is a declaration of love, really. I’m dedicated both […]

  • Incredible Food Portrait of the World’s Best Chef

    For the cover of the August issue of Clase Premier Magazine, Mexican studio Golpeavisa had to make a portrait of René Redzepi, the world’s best chef. Usually, these cover illustrations are digital drawings, but this time Golpeavisa decided to push their luck a little bit further, and do the illustration photographically. The idea was to […]

  • I Make Adorable Rice Balls During My Free Time

    I am a doctor and an amateur food artist. Creating cute food art is my hobby. Even though my schedule is quite hectic, I always find times to do what I really love. One day I just wanted to cook lunch for myself and I saw pics of cute bento made by Asian mommies on […]