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  • Food Not Food: I Can’t Cook So I Make Food Out Of Everyday Items

    “Food Not Food” is a photography series of fake food made completely from ordinary household items. I started “Food Not Food” because I needed a creative outlet and wanted to do something completely out of the box. I love food but I can’t cook to save my life, and fake food doesn’t burn (normally). Everyday […]

  • 300lbs Woman Reveals What 3 Years Of Workout Did To Her Body, And Her Transformation Photos Are Unbelievable

    At 22 years old, Laura Micetich AKA ‘The Iron Giantess’ weighed over 300lbs and was facing a raft of health issues including hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure and prediabetes. She realised that without a radical change in diet and lifestyle, her precious youth would be lost already and she was facing a short and difficult life. […]

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    31 Days of Creativity with Food by Hong Yi

    From the 1st of March Malaysian artist Hong Yi (previously here and here) started playing with her food – each day she creates a beautiful piece of art in her plate made entirely out of food. The artist that also goes by the name “Red” is going to create 31 pieces by month’s end. You […]

  • This app reduces how much food gets thrown away at grocery stores. How does it work?

    One-third of the food produced worldwide (that’s almost 1.3 billion tons) is wasted every year. In the U.S., the United Nations Environment Programme estimates that each person wastes more than 20 pounds of food per month, which is 30-40% of our food supply. Yikes. And, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, the […]

  • Hero scientists just found a way to make ice cream melt more slowly.

    Based on my personal calculations, approximately 600 trillion ounces of ice cream go to waste each year because of melting. And you don’t even want to know how many spritzes of 409 it takes to clean it up off the kitchen floor. Or how many children’s tears are shed in the process. I don’t think […]

  • 10+ Food Lies That Completely Destroyed Our Trust

    In these times of political uncertainty, changing weather patterns, and growing global insecurity, it’s good to know that one thing you can always rely on in this increasingly crazy world is food. Right? Wrong! Because as you can see from the pictures below, you can’t even trust that anymore. Compiled by Bored Panda, the list […]

  • Common Threads taught Lauryn how to cook. Now she’s teaching her family, too.

    13-year-old Lauryn Jones loves every part of cooking, from prep to pan to plate including the shopping. Her infectious energy is changing her family’s relationship with food. Lauryn’s passion comes from one place: three years of participating in Common Threads’ program in Chicago, a unique initiative educating low-income kids in large urban centers like Chicago […]

  • Food Photographed With An Electron Microscope by Caren Alpert

    If your hobbies range from food to art to science, they might seem incompatible at first – not to Caren Alpert, though, who combined all of those and presented some stunning microscopic food photographs. The series, called Terra Cibus, were created with an electron microscope, which helps to reveal the side of our food we […]