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  • 25+ Hilarious Parenting Tweets That Every Parent Can Relate To

    We all know that kids say the funniest things, but what about the parents? Well it turns out that they say some pretty funny things too. The proof can be found on Babble’s weekly list of funny parenting tweets that go under the hashtag #funnyparents. See below for a list of the funniest ones compiled […]

  • Meet The Tsaatan Nomads In Mongolia Who Live Like No One Else

    Tsaatan people are reindeer herders and live in northern Khövsgöl Aimag of Mongolia. Originally from across the border in what is now the Tuva Republic of Russia, the Tsaatan are one of the last groups of nomadic reindeer herders in the world. They survived for thousands of years inhabiting the remotest subarctic Ulaan taïga, moving […]

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    Wet Dog: Adorable Portraits Of Bathing Dogs by Sophie Gamand

    Do you remember those old wall calendars with puppies sitting in baskets covered with flowers? Silly decorations are so yesterday – if you want to get a reaction, you need to stand out. That’s what French photographer Sophie Gamand did with her fittingly-titled Wet Dog photoshoot. [Read more…] Gamand decided to create a natural and […]

  • 12+ Rare Wild Cat Species You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

    We all know about lions, tigers, cougars, leopards and even jaguars, but there’s a whole world of wild cats out there, especially a bunch of rare, small and/or weird varieties that you’ve probably never heard of! Cats evolved into a distinct family (Felidae) roughly 25 million years ago. Since then, they’ve expanded all over the […]

  • I Photograph Men With Their Cats And The Result Is Cuteness Overload!

    Hello, my name is Sabrina Boem, I am a cat lover and a photographer. I’m working on several photo projects involving cats and in the past few months I’ve had the chance to meet some men who have a very special relationship with their cat. So I decided to dedicate a special project to them. […]

  • I Paint Astronauts, Flying Fruits And Bus Stops Set In The Danish Wilderness

    After getting a new and bigger apartment a while back, I needed something to hang on the large, white walls. Being a student I didn’t have the money to buy the art I liked. Instead, I bought a canvas, paint and tried painting something myself. Show Full Text The doodles from my elementary school notebooks […]

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    Adorably Awkward Greeting Cards By Emily McDowell

    We’ve all probably found ourselves, at one point or another, standing in front of a wall of greeting cards and finding that none of them are capable of expressing your actual feelings in simple sentences. Emily McDowell, a designer and illustrator, has a perfect solution to this problems. She designs “Awkward Cards,” which are awkward, […]

  • I Transform Myself Into Famous People Using Makeup

    I am a painter and makeup artist and a huge cinema, theater and music lover. I fussed my passion for portraits and makeup by developing an artistic project consisting of me turning myself into characters and celebrities, pushing the contouring techniques to the limit. I don’t use prosthetic appliances. It is so funny to create […]

  • How To Be A Dog (21 Pics)

    If you’ve been thinking about a career change, now’s a great time to consider becoming a dog. It’s the good life. We’re the artists behind the creative studio Last Lemon and we’ve created a simple and funny user-driven guide explaining “How To Be A Dog”. Dog owners, experts, and dogs themselves submit ideas from around […]

  • Squirrel Winter Olympics

    Every day these wild red squirrels are being challenged to find there food. For 5 years, I have placed props in scenes with food in my garden. Every day I wait for them to capture them for my camera. I started with this series with the first snow in October. Sometimes I never get the […]