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  • Photographer Captures Soulful Portraits Of Dogs Enjoying Autumn

    Anne Geier, a photographer from Austria, has a beautiful gift of capturing soulful portraits of dogs. Some of her best work is created in autumn, thanks to the golden colors and a misty weather adding a perfect magical atmosphere, which makes the portrait stand out even more. Show Full Text Anne Geier has kindly agreed to […]

  • Photographer Reveals The “Addicted” Side Of The Streets Of Philadelphia, And It’s Terrifying

    Kensington Avenue in North Philadelphia is infamous for drug abuse and prostitution. The Avenue runs 3 miles through what is now a dangerous and crime-ridden neighborhood. Kensington Blues is a photography series by Jeffrey Stockbridge, 36, that documented the struggles and the dark reality of local residents. Between 2008 and 2014, the photographer took a […]

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    7 Deadly Catsins By Marija Tiurina

    Marija Tiurina, game designer by day and illustrator by night, teamed up with NeonMob, a platform for digital artists and collectors, to recreate an identity for the seven deadly sins – with cats! “Deadly sins are quite symbolic and interesting. But Google search shows you only boring fantasy art, and pretty much the same style […]

  • I Want To Thank Bored Panda For Turning My Hobby Into A Job

    I’ve been drawing my whole life, but I have never studied art, as my mother didn’t allow it. However, that never stopped me from doing it. When I was a little child I used to draw on everything: walls, ceilings, everything! Later, I started making funny doodles for my language school called Me working in my […]

  • Fake Vs Genuine People: 8 Ways To Identify Them

    The guys at Lifehack have come up with a shortlist of 8 main differences between genuine and fake people. And while we don’t recommend you start judging everybody by these illustrations, some of them sure seem spot on. From the way some people act in bigger crowds to the way they keep their promises. #1 Read […]

  • 21 Life Lessons From Cats

    There’s a lot us, humans, can learn from our feline friends. 21 examples below from New York Times bestselling authors & illustrators Lisa Swerling & Ralph Lazar, who have just launched a new cats project called Tess & Lion. You can also check their previous work, where they tried to explain how to be a […]

  • How Tokyo Saved My Artistic View On Photography

    I am a photographer from Amsterdam and almost lost my touch and love for taking pictures. My friends and I had a plan to go to Tokyo, and after two years we finally made it happen. While walking the streets of Tokyo, I found my love for photography again. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 […]