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  • 20+ Hilarious Tweets About Kids That Prove Parenting Is Fun

    Kids definitely have their pros and cons. Somedays they can be easy, while others – tough, annoying, and just weird. The only way to get through those bad days without losing any nerve cells is trying to look at everything with a little humour! Which is exactly what people do before tweeting about their recent […]

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  • 25+ Hilarious Parenting Tweets That Every Parent Can Relate To

    We all know that kids say the funniest things, but what about the parents? Well it turns out that they say some pretty funny things too. The proof can be found on Babble’s weekly list of funny parenting tweets that go under the hashtag #funnyparents. See below for a list of the funniest ones compiled […]

  • The Struggles Of 20-Somethings Summed Up In 15+ Tweets

    When you’re young, all you want to do is grow up. But then you hit your twenties and you begin to realize that growing up isn’t as great as it once seemed. Because growing up doesn’t just mean being taller, being able to drive, and being able to buy your own alcohol AND consume it. […]

  • 10+ Brutally Honest Tweets By Women Who Aren’t Going To Take Your Sh*t Anymore

    It might be the 21st century, but that doesn’t mean that some people’s attitudes aren’t still stuck in the Stone Age. But as you can see from these hilariously cutting tweets, the women who wrote them are determined to rise up against chauvinism, gender stereotyping, and general male assholery that is sadly still so prevalent […]

  • 13+ Hilarious Explanations How God Created Animals

    Picture the scenario. You’re God. You’ve just created the world and now you want some animals. So you start adding legs to bodies and heads to necks and tails to butts, but everything looks so…normal. So you decide to get creative. You make a bird talk and you call it a parrot. You stick spikes […]

  • The 30+ Most Hilarious Parenting Tweets Of The Year So Far (New Pics)

    With 2017 rapidly coming to an end, we thought we’d update our hilarious list celebrating the funniest parenting tweets of the year. From moms getting accused of being horrible parents because they won’t let them play with a chainsaw, to dads who try to solve all of their parenting problems with cookies, the funny collection of […]

  • 10+ Hilarious Tweets About Dating That Tell The Story Of Your Life

    Dating is like a roller coaster. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s awkward, but you never know how it’ll go until you try. Luckily, even if the date goes horribly, you can at least get a great tweet out of it! Show Full Text Below, Bored Panda has put together a list of tweets about dating. […]

  • Hilarious Emergencies Dogs Would Have If They Could Dial 911

    When you hear about a dog calling 911, it’s usually because their owner is having an emergency. But what would happen if a dog called 911 with it’s OWN idea of a crisis? That’s the question that went through the mind of Twitter user Reverend Scott, and he’s come up with some pretty funny answers. […]