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  • 21 Adorable Animals That Just Wanted To Drop In And Say Hello

    When you’re having a bad day, even the smallest thing can help make it brighter. Something as simple as a smile or a wave from a stranger reminds you that there are other people out there going through some of the same stuff you are, and that it’ll be alright! These adorable animals are here […]

  • This Prehistoric Turtle Can Bite Your Arm Off, So When He Does This You’ll Freak

    If you’re living somewhere like rural New England or perhaps in the middle of America, you might think you’re safe from any dangerous reptiles. I mean, that’s the sole reason you’re not living in Australia with the venomous snakes and the crocodiles…right? (Is that just me?) But there is something that lurks in our ponds […]

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  • These Disney Locations Look Familiar Because They’re All Based On Real-Life Places

    Disney is the epitome of fantasy and magic. The worlds created for these stories are figments of the imagination…right? Well, not necessarily. Most of Disney’s backdrops are actually based off of very real places. It’s pretty amazing that these magical worlds were inspired by places that we could visit in real life! Take a good […]