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  • Creepy Lip Makeup by Sandra Holmbom

    Swedish makeup enthusiast Sandra Holmbom admits that her latest eye-lip make-up isn’t pretty, but for some reason it’s hard to take your eyes away from it. It leaves you confused and unsure whether it’s an eye or lips you’re looking at. “It was a long time since I did something with my lips. Wanted to […]

  • Step-Father Turns His 6-Year-Old Son With A Wheelchair Into A Tank For Halloween

    Halloween is a fun holiday that can be enjoyed by anyone, even those with difficult disabilities. One Colorado step-father, whose 6-year-old step-son has cerebral palsy and epilepsy and uses a wheelchair, has made ingenious Halloween costumes for his son over the past three years that have incorporated the wheelchair into their design. The father, who […]

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  • 10+ Terrifyingly Pawsome Halloween Cat Costumes

    Halloween is a great time for us humans, but why should your cat miss out on all the fun? Show them how much you love them by forcing them to wear a funny Halloween costume so they too can partake in all the spooky celebrations. Take a look at these pictures to see what we […]

  • Baby Giving Dad Piggyback Ride Halloween Costume

    This costume video was posted way back in 2009, but it has really gone viral this Halloween season. There are so many costume videos and pictures uploaded online, it’s impossible to count. But this one really sticks out as the most outrageous and creative. It looks like the baby is giving dad a piggyback ride. […]

  • This Cute Kitten Takes On a Gigantic Spooky Spider in a Halloween Showdown.

    This is the battle of “AHH!” vs “Aww.” Watch as this adorable kitten takes on a not-so-adorable spider. (Don’t worry, it’s not a real spider.) It’s one of those huge remote controlled toy spiders that are so popular around Halloween. Who will win: the kitten or the spider? (Source: The Wampa Kitty) It’s not often […]

  • Hilariously Terrified People from a Haunted House

    The Haunted House in Niagara Falls, Canada, prides itself of its world famous Nightmares Fear Factory attraction – and they sure got the pictures to support it. The funny pictures are shot by strategically placed secret cameras which capture the visitors at their most vulnerable stage. Now that’s just doomed to be good! [Read more…] […]

  • Dad And Baby Power Loader From ‘Aliens’ Movie Halloween Costume

    Jason Smith has unofficially won the Internet‘s cool dad award after video of his costume went viral this Halloween. Jason loves dressing up, and wanted to make sure his baby daughter could be apart of his costume.  Using cardboard, hot glue, and plenty of hard work and sweat, he was able to recreate the epic power […]

  • Jimmy Kimmel Makes Kids Cry Over Halloween Candy

    For some reason, Jimmy Kimmel thought it would be funny for parents to tell their kids that they had eaten all of their Halloween candy, and post it to YouTube. Some kids give good, cute reactions, but for the most part they are crushed, and cry deep sobs of mourning over their lost treasure. There’s […]

  • Creepy Halloween Nail Art Ideas By PiggieLuv

    If you really want to nail Halloween this year then take a look at this creepy collection of macabre manicures. They’re made by a 27-year-old Dutch self-taught nail artist who goes by the name of PiggieLuv, but although her nickname might be cute, there’s nothing cute about her devilish designs!Check out some of our favorites […]

  • Halloween Wreaths Are A Thing Now, And They’re Creepily Awesome

    Don’t like trick or treaters? Then don’t put one of these spooky Halloween wreaths on your door, because what kid isn’t going to want to take a closer look at these creepily cool creations? Some of them feature characters from well-known movies such as Sully from Monsters Inc, Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, and […]