Tag: hip hop

  • Coolio Performs Gansta’s Paradise With College Students At Their House After Concert

    Rapper Coolio is no doubt most famous for his hit 90′s single Gangsta’s Paradise.  After performing a concert in Preston, Lancashire, England, Coolio decided to hang out with some of the concertgoers, even going home with them to “cook them dinner,” says University of Central Lancashire student and redditor Lorcantc. “He was playing a gig in our city, and […]

  • Chevy Camaros On 32 Inch Rims

    Ridiculously over sized wheels is a cliche in the hip hop world that is still a popular trend. But the game is now officially over. These two have won with their titanic 32 inch wheels on two Chevy Camaros. They almost look like monster trucks. Naturally, the video originated on WorldStarHipHop, and is spreading to car […]

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