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  • What A Santa Did For A Hearing-Impaired Little Girl Is A Beautiful Gift Itself

    A little girl was visiting a Santa at a shopping mall, like countless other children do during the holidays, when something magical happened. Her mother let Santa know she had trouble hearing… And his response will fill you with joy (and Christmas spirit). Most adults don’t believe in Santa…but if he is real, it might […]

  • Lowering A Mistletoe Over Interview Prank

    Kaitlin Snow and Nate Turley pulled a very special on campus prank in honor of the holidays. In the cafeteria at BYU, they would ask to interview students passing by and ask them some Christmas questions.  At the end, Nate or Kate would ask, ‘Do you do the mistletoe tradition?’ as one of their off camera […]

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  • Lucky Kid Gets A Hippopotamus For Christmas

    Since he was such a good kid this year, Action Movie Kid got what he really wanted for Christmas. Sure, he was thrilled, but dad was not that happy that Santa actually got his kid a giant hippopotamus who didn’t wait to start eating the sofa. Don’t worry, it’s all CGI of course.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2014/12/29/lucky-kid-gets-a-hippopotamus-for-christmas/

  • Soldier Surprise Proposal At Royals Game

    On Memorial Day, Eddie, who’s been away at war, knew his girlfriend was going to be at the Kansas City Royals baseball game. He planned a surprise proposal, and executed it successfully. She of course said yes, and the crowd loved it. Congrats!     The video sound is blurry, so click here for a […]

  • The Jewish Hunger Games

    In honor of the Jewish Day of Atonement, Jon Rudnitsky made this Yom Kippur-themed parody of The Hunger Games, appropriately titled The Jewish Hunger Games. As Jews fast for 25 hours during the serious holiday, the connection between The Hunger Games becomes obvious. Over the weekend, the video has managed to collect over 400,000 views! The video is […]

  • Headless Halloween Prank

    Ucmagic published this video a week ago for Halloween, and it now stands with over 340,000 views. The magician in the video seemingly, and amazingly, takes his head off his shoulders when passersby are least expecting it, prompting screams of shock and fear.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2012/10/26/headless-halloween-prank/

  • Mom Pranks White Sox Fan Daughter With Cubs Presents

    Some parents are just mean. At least all the parents who tricked their kids with a bad early Christmas presents for Jimmy Kimmel had a chance to get on TV. But this mom pranked her own kids just for her own giggles. Knowing her Mya was a White Sox fan, and hated the Cubs, she on […]

  • Gangnam Style Christmas Light Show

    Listen To Our Lights is naturally a YouTube channel dedicated to those Christmas light show-pop music synchronizations that have become a staple around the holiday season. Of course for this year, PSY’s world famous hit single Gangnam Style is the song of choice. Already, this Korean-inspired Christmas light show has over 200,000 views, and is further covered on DailyMail, […]

  • Kid President’s Mother Day Message To All Moms

    Soul Pancake‘s adorable Kid President character continues to trend online. In honor of Mother’s Day, the fictitious and young commander in chief read this Open Letter To Moms, including a precious list of ten things every mom needs to know. “If every mom in the world knew how awesome they were, then every problem in the world would be […]

  • Empire State Building Halloween Light Show 2013

    Step aside homeowners, because there was a new light show display this spooky holiday to trump all others.  For the first time, the world famous Empire State Building in Manhattan teamed up with NYC radio stations Z100 and 103.5 KTU to present an epic Halloween light show. Residents could tune into the radio to listen to […]