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  • As It Turns Out, We’ve Been Making Squash Pie For Thanksgiving All These Years

    Another day, another life-ruining lie about something we pretty much all enjoy. Because I apparently like to destroy everything I touch, I’m comin’ at you today with some really bad news about everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving dessert: pumpkin pie. I’m convinced that even people who say they hate it secretly love it, weird texture aside. It’s […]

  • Epic Christmas Light Show Made of 54,000 Lights

    Every year now Christmas light shows become more and more competitive. Everyone wants to be the flashiest, coolest, and most original. But that’s no problem. It just boosts the Holiday spirit, and they’re the ones paying the electric bill. The latest light show to go viral is this house in Fountain Valley, CA. DeversDreamWeavers used 54,000 LED lights to […]

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  • Chicago’s Magical Piano In Union Station

    To bring some Christmas cheer to holiday travelers, Rob Bliss Creative collaborated with Amtrak to give birth to the magical piano.  As commuters walked by the lone piano in Union Station, the ‘magical’ instrument came to life, apparently playing music by itself!  It was secretly controlled by Andrew Blendermann.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2013/12/12/chicagos-magical-piano-in-union-station/

  • Epic Meal Time 1700′s Independence Day Special

    NSFW – language In honor of July 4th, Epic Meal Time made a special Independence Day tribute. In full 1776 dress, they play the part by cooking up wild game meat; bison, deer, and rabbit.  And yes the EMT boys are Canadian, but they can step over the line to party with us cool Americans. Happy July […]

  • St. Patrick’s Irish Dancing Flashmob In Central Station

    Over 100 dancers make a surprise splash in Central Station in Sydney, Australia. They start small dancing a classic Irish jig, then explode with a full choreographed dance. Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2011/03/19/st-patricks-irish-dancing-flashmob-in-central-station/

  • ‘Tigers’ Dance to Party Rock Anthem At Chinese New Year Celebration

    LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem isn’t just an American hit, it’s global. Even these two Chinese ‘tigers’ dancing to celebrate the new Chinese new year took a break from the traditional music to shuffle along to the pop song.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2012/01/23/tigers-dance-to-party-rock-anthem-at-chinese-new-year/

  • What This Little Girl Of Deaf Parents Did During Her School’s Christmas Program Will Melt Your Heart

    Lori Koch reports that her sweet girl is a KODA, or kid of deaf adults. So when five year old Claire Koch performed holiday music with her kindergarten class during her school’s Christmas program, she didn’t just sing along like the rest of the kids. Much to her parents’ surprise, she enthusiastically added the correct sign language, and made sure […]

  • Giving Homeless People A Christmas Morning Prank

    The holidays can be a rough time, but it’s especially depressing when you’re out on the streets in the cold while others enjoy presents and warm cocoa by the fire.   Roman Atwood wanted to do something about that, so he and Dennis Roady teamed up to give a few needy people a legit Christmas morning.  They found […]

  • Dad And Baby Power Loader From ‘Aliens’ Movie Halloween Costume

    Jason Smith has unofficially won the Internet‘s cool dad award after video of his costume went viral this Halloween. Jason loves dressing up, and wanted to make sure his baby daughter could be apart of his costume.  Using cardboard, hot glue, and plenty of hard work and sweat, he was able to recreate the epic power […]

  • WestJet Christmas Miracle

    WestJet recently brought a little Christmas cheer to some of their lucky travelers. Before boarding, West Jet passengers were prompted to scan their boarding passes at a special screen which revealed a very real Santa Claus who asked what they desired this holiday.  None of them expected to actually receive their gifts when picking up their luggage […]