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  • The election outcome has spurred a wave of fear among our LGBTQ kids.

    We were unusually busy last night,” said Steve Mendelsohn, deputy executive director at the Trevor Project on Wednesday, Nov. 9. As the 2016 election drew to a close in the late hours of Nov. 8, 2016, many young LBGTQ kids were left in despair. The Trevor Project is an LGBTQ youth crisis intervention organization, and […]

  • 7 gorgeous photos of redheads that challenge the way we see race

    How many non-white redheads do you know? Think about it. Around 1-2% of the world’s population boasts natural red hair, which is caused by a genetic mutation in the melanocortin-1 receptor, or MC1R (this mutation might also explain their superpowers). Despite making up such a small percentage of the population, most of us have the […]

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  • Twitter had a field day with the glaring lack of women in this photo.

    On September 14, 2015, Vanity Fair tweeted … this. We talked to all the titans of late-night television, and found out why it The “titans” of late-night comedy pulled on their most dapper suits and enjoyed a few stiff ones for a Vanity Fair photo shoot. The accompanying article, which is titled, “Why Late-Night Television […]

  • 6 times Ariana Grande awesomely proved she isn’t here for casual sexism.

    Ariana Grande is perhaps best known for her pop vocal prowess, but she’s also a pretty badass feminist. It’s OK if you hadn’t noticed (I wasn’t especially aware of this, either) as the media has a tendency to focus more on her behavior as it pertains to things like Donutgate (aka the time she said […]

  • 5 ways to teach your kids about race without making them feel hopeless.

    As a black woman, I wonder what it would be like to raise a black child in today’s world. I turn on the news or open my Facebook feed and see celebrities like Vybz Kartel and Azealia Banks defending skin bleaching. Black bodies are strewn across the media, seemingly victims of fear-fueled violence by police […]

  • These 48 comments to women and girls show that sexism knows no age.

    A new video from Huffington Post shows how pervasive and lifelong sexism is for women. It covers everything from “you look so pretty” to “you must have been beautiful when you were younger,” to show that whether you’re 8 or 80, if you’re a woman, you just can’t escape sexist comments. All images via Huffington […]