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  • Five People, One Guitar Somebody That I Used To Know Parody

    Walk Off The Earth exploded into Internet history after their cover of Somebody That I Used To Know went viral. Now the hit song has over 50 million views. The video became such a hit, Internet culture comedy channel barelypolitical made a humorous parody of the cover song that has gone viral itself on a smaller scale.    Read […]

  • Google Flight Search

    Google has yet again made our lives easier with their new Flight Search function. Now, instead of messing around with the airline websites, which can be a huge headache, just simply search for your flight in the Google search bar. Then click on the flight function. You get a map, and all your information, just […]

  • Celebrities Read Negative Tweets About Themselves On JKL

    With the magic of Twitter, celebrities and fans are more connected than ever. The mini blogging service is arguably used solely for this purpose. But it’s not all fun and gushing over celebs. There are plenty of negative comments tweeted to famous actors and entertainers all the time.  Jimmy Kimme Live correctly thought it would be fun for […]

  • History Of YouTube Through Song

    It’s hard to believe, but YouTube is almost ten years old! It’s been a crazy ride that all started when the founders posted a short video of themselves at the zoo. Musician Zoe Anne reviews the history of YouTube and the birth of famous YouTubers in this new music video.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2014/04/18/history-of-youtube-through-song/

  • The Day The LOLcats Died – SOPA/PIPA Parody

    Today, enormous websites like Wikipedia and Reddit are voluntarily down to help spread the word about Internet censorship bills SOPA/PIPA, and how the two new laws would destroy the Internet as we know it. Even Google’s homepage doodle is taking a stand against the legislation. Take a stand, contact your representatives and tell them SOPA/PIPA are bad for the Internet […]

  • Disappearing Friend In Photo Prank

    Magician Rahat is famous online for melding his outrageous magic illusions with his pranks. Back in March he teamed up with fellow YouTube prankster Jack Vale to pull off their imaginary friend photo prank.  On a busy street Rahat would ask passersby to photograph him with his arm around nobody. After taking the picture, the volunteers would be freaked […]

  • Omegle Funny Improv Pranks 2016

    Do you remember “Chat Roulette”? Yeah, the hype is gone (by far), but some people seem to still use it (or similar services). Greg Benson and Miles Grose had a little fun pranking people on Omegle and some of the jokes are not that bad. Others – see for yourself… Thanks, Greg via Mail! Read […]