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  • This Is What Happens When Robert Downey Jr. Arrives In South Korea

    When you arrive at the airport after a flight you’re lucky if your loved ones are they to receive you. But when you’re actor Robert Downey Jr. things are a little different. When he arrived in South Korea, the airport was simply packed with shrieking fans who wanted to get a glimpse of the Ironman.    […]

  • Gangnam Style Christmas Light Show

    Listen To Our Lights is naturally a YouTube channel dedicated to those Christmas light show-pop music synchronizations that have become a staple around the holiday season. Of course for this year, PSY’s world famous hit single Gangnam Style is the song of choice. Already, this Korean-inspired Christmas light show has over 200,000 views, and is further covered on DailyMail, […]

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  • Taekwondo Inspired ‘Ringa Linga’ Music Video Dance Cover

    Korean martial arts group K-Tigers covered Taeyang’s new K-Pop hit single Ringa Linga by incorporating what they know best into their choreography.  Taekwondo.  What results is a one of a kind martial arts inspired dance video that has gone viral.     Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2013/12/05/taekwondo-inspired-ringa-linga-music-video-dance-cover/

  • Grandpa Stays In Touch With His Faraway Grandkids Through Instagram Art

    When people live in a different state (or country) than their family, the best ways to stay connected are usually by phone or email. However, one man in Brazil does it a bit differently when it comes to his grandchildren. When Ji Lee saw that his 75-year-old father, Chan Jae Lee, seemed lonely and withdrawn, […]

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    North Korea’s Leader Built A World Class Ski Resort, But There’s a Problem.

    You can turn anything into a joke if make North Korea the punchline. The extreme country is hard to understand and full of frightening rules. It’s being behind the times in pretty much everything. Not only that, but its citizens are repressed, starved and abused. In a new show of the country’s ineptitude, photos were […]