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  • What A Santa Did For A Hearing-Impaired Little Girl Is A Beautiful Gift Itself

    A little girl was visiting a Santa at a shopping mall, like countless other children do during the holidays, when something magical happened. Her mother let Santa know she had trouble hearing… And his response will fill you with joy (and Christmas spirit). Most adults don’t believe in Santa…but if he is real, it might […]

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  • These 6 Lifestyle Choices Aren’t As Bad For You As You Once Thought

    If you search the internet looking for the truth about healthy dos and don’ts, you’ll find some rather conflicting reports. The news is always flooded with the latest university study announcing the next healthy habit to pursue or avoid. As science develops, we have come to discover that many of the habits we once thought […]

  • Paddle Boarder Got The Surprise Of A Lifetime When He Was Out One Morning

    Heading out into the blue waters off the coast of Laguna Beach, California, Rich German was set for a relaxing day of paddle boarding. Yet when he got away from the shoreline and looked down into the water, what he saw excited him beyond belief. There swimming alongside him was an entire pod of friendly, […]

  • Putting A Bathtub In The Yard Sounds Odd, But This Project Is Incredible

    Spring is right around the corner, so why not get ready for some campfire fun? Now all you need is a stack of logs, some marshmallows, and a bathtub. Wait…what? Stay with me, okay? While chillin’ in a tub next to a backyard fire might sound insane, you have to see what this inventive DIYer […]

  • Do You Like Butterflies? If You Do, You’ll Love This Singularly Magical Place.

    There’s something so magical about butterflies, even though science has proven that they don’t exactly live up to their romantic standards. But if watching their velvety little wings flutter through the air is your thing, then you should consider taking a trip to Petaloudes, also known as Butterfly Valley. Located on the western side of […]

  • They Were Worried About Their Foster Child Adjusting Until He Met This Dog

    It is estimated that there are currently over 400,000 youth under the age of 21 in the U.S. foster care system. Most children get placed into foster care because their parents were deemed unfit to take care of them. While some quickly find a forever home with a foster family, many are passed from home […]