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  • This Coastal Town Is Being Invaded By Pink Bottles…I Wish I Was Making This Up

    There’s nothing quite like the English coastline. However, things like pollution and climate change are threatening the future of the fragile ecosystem. The latest, most bizarre example of which is a discovery made by residents near Poldhu Beach in Cornwall earlier this week. While not quite as upsetting as other disasters, it serves as a […]

  • This Is What An Ecological Disaster Looks Like…And It’s The Worst Thing Ever

    When we hear about a far-reaching and devastating ecological disaster, it’s no surprise that most of us would assume it happened in China. While these types of catastrophes take place all over the world with startling regularity, they seem to occur in the Asian country far more often. This time around though, something unbelievable happened […]

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  • This Is What Happens When You Let An Old Bottle Of Vermouth Sit For 80 Years

    When you forget about an old bottle of something way up in the cupboard, the results are usually less than pleasant. But if you’re lucky, you’ll sometimes come across something that’s creepily beautiful in its fermentation. Redditor mvv_10 found this old bottle of vermouth (an Italian liquor) hidden away in the cupboard of his grandparents’ […]

  • Police In Scotland Have A Real Paranormal Mystery On Their Hands

    googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); If your house is haunted, calling the police is unlikely to help. Still, it can do you some good to at least have outsiders come into your home and verify that what you’re experiencing isn’t a hallucination. Strangely, that’s the exact situation officers in the Scottish town of South Lanarkshire found […]

  • This Octopus Vs. Seagull Battle Has Quite An Unexpected Outcome

    When it comes to predators, at least at the ocean’s surface level, you might think that the seagull reigns supreme. And for the most part, you’d be right about that…small fish and crabs don’t stand a chance against the flying menaces. However, the dominance stops when a seagull meets an octopus. The surprisingly crafty creatures […]

  • You Can Now Have Your Own Piece Of Creepy Literary History For $66 Million

    While house hunting is exciting, it’s also a stressful experience. Few processes involve as many moving parts as buying and selling homes. Factor in that the decision to move is usually a very emotional one, and you have all the makings of a stressful time. And that’s exactly why I want to help. If you’re […]

  • Vantablack Is The Darkest Material Known To Man, And It’s Pretty Trippy

    What some people don’t realize is just how amazing the breakthroughs of modern technology really are. This could have something to do with the fact that many groundbreaking inventions and discoveries seem too far-fetched to be real. An excellent example of this phenomenon is known as Vantablack, and it’s listed by The Guinness Book of […]

  • 3-D Printing Is Now Allowing Expectant Parents To Do Some Really Creepy Stuff

    Expectant parents can be an odd bunch. They’re usually bundles of nerves as their due dates get closer and closer. While they’re understandably nervous, they’re usually pretty excited to meet their new additions. This excitement is good, but it can sometimes lead them to do bizarre things — things like getting decidedly creepy 3-D models […]