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    Wildfire In Oregon Ruined Wedding Party But Turned It Into An Epic Photoshoot

    Would you dare to go near a huge wildfire to get the most amazing shot on your wedding day? During their wedding, Michael Wolber and April Hartley didn’t even have the chanceto decide. When they picked their perfect location, nobody would have thought that it would turn out to be the site of a raging […]

  • Dog Abandoned In Rising Flood Water Gets Rescued By Kind Strangers Passing By

    Last month we brought you the story of Alex Scroggins and how he came to adopt a dog named Lucky. Alex and his friends were evacuating during the recent South Carolina floods when they found Lucky abandoned and stranded in rising flood waters. Had it not been for Scroggins’ kindness, I’d hate to think what […]

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  • Stunning Sculpture Of Mother Nature Rotating Earth Inspired By Thailand Disaster

    Maybe the ancients were on to something when they built statues as peace offerings to the gods. Italian sculptor Lorenzo Quinn certainly thinks so, and his multiple-sculpture series, The Force of Nature, embodies this ideal. Each of the roughly 2.5 meter (8.2 feet) sculptures depict what appears to be Mother Nature in a gravity-defying pose, […]