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  • What’s The Longest Word In Your Language?

    As a master of many languages, seventeen year old polygot Timothy Doner had the opportunity to ask his multinational friends what the longest word in their language is. Some of the words are so long, they almost seem made up.  But in the end Sweden probably wins as their long word is more or less a short […]

  • Baby Jedi Has Lightsaber Battle With Her Father

    Lightsaber fanatic Slothfurnace is obviously a huge Star Wars fan and naturally wants to show his daughter the ways of the Force. As all nerds know, proper Jedi training must begin at a very young age, so dad already gave his eleven month old daughter her first lightsaber. As they duel, it becomes apparent that we have […]

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  • Where Is This Video?

    Where are digital online videos? Where is the original? It’s an interesting philosophical question. Michael of Vsauce discusses where online videos really ‘are’ in his latest video.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2014/04/15/where-is-this-video/

  • Super Mario World Kombat

    Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo is one of the most popular Mario games out there. The animation style is so pleasant and cute. But it was a little too cutesy for gamer NicksplosionFX. He decided to add a little action to the game by replacing Mario with Mortal Kombat’s chameleon character Shang Tsung. The results […]

  • WIRED Magazine Interactive Print Ad For Moto X

    Well this viral video is… strange. Motorola will have a very special and innovate print ad in WIRED magazine next month. To promote how users can customize and personalize the body of their Moto X phone, they made an interactive physical paper ad where readers can change the color of the picture.  Now, this video promoting […]

  • Talk Nerdy To Me Parody Music Video

    It’s well known that the Web is inhabited by nerds. After hearing Jason Derulo pop sensation Talk Dirty one too many times, the nerds are K-Face Rules wanted to make a more geek friendly version of the song. Naturally, they came up with Talk Nerdy To Me. Harry Potter, Cosplay, Nintendo, Star Wars, Magic, they’ve got it all!   Via […]

  • The Time You Have Left In Jelly Beans

    Eccentric YouTuber Ze Frank takes a deeper look into the meaning of life using jelly beans. Yes, jelly beans. He literally counted out 0ver 28,000 beans, one for each day the average Americans will live for. Most of those jelly beans will be spent of sleeping, watching TV, eating, commuting, and working. What will you do […]

  • Star Wars Blooper Reel

    Nerds are rejoicing after this newly found blooper reel from the original Star Wars has surfaced. Neil Bowyer posted the clip on YouTube yesterday, and already it has amassed over a quarter million views.  Read more on Slate, FoxNews, HuffPost, and CNet.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2013/10/28/star-wars-blooper-reel/

  • Are Hong Kong And Macau Countries

    Most people have heard of Hong Kong, but what about Macau? Macau is another even smaller island that China considers its own, yet gives some form of independence.  Oddly enough, when travelling between China, Hong Kong, and Macau, everyone must have their passports stamped. They even have their own political systems, their own police, and […]

  • AI Wrestling… Sort Of. – Video

    Leave it to the nerds to build a crappy looking device and let them battle it out in a wrestling ring. WTF! Advertisement Read more: https://www.viralviralvideos.com/2017/06/22/ai-wrestling-sort-of/