Tag: Parody

  • World’s Best Vlog Ever Parody

    After spending even a few minutes on YouTube, one will eventually stumble upon a video blog, or vlog. After viewing a number of these videos, it becomes obvious that more and more vloggers are converging on the same trite video recipe these days.  Anthony Nold took notice of this annoying trend, and mocks it in this […]

  • Dachshund’s Creek

    Back in the late 90′s, Dawson’s Creek was all the rave. Pet lover Mike Immerman has brought the classic teen drama back to life with this adorable pet-themed spoof. Instead of Dawson’s Creek, it’s Dachshund’s Creek. You get it, right? This parody already has over 250,000 hits!   Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2014/10/23/dachshunds-creek/

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  • How Batman Begins Should Have Ended

    Superhero fans instantly fell in love with the 2005 rebooted Batman trilogy that started with Batman Begins.  After reviewing The Dark Knight Rises, the popular movie critics of How It Should Have Ended have returned to cover the first film of the Dark Knight trilogy. Here’s how Batman Begins really should have ended.  Ah, much better.   Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2014/02/28/how-batman-begins-should-have-ended/

  • One Man Pop Song Cover Parody

    Covering a pop song alone by using fancy editing techniques is one of the most popular forms of covering music online. When done correctly, it can make for a truly inspiring cover. But still, it gets old after a while. How many times can you watch your favorite song regurgitated following the same recipe over […]

  • Romney Girl Spoofs Obama Girl

    Everyone online remembers Obama Girl in 2008 who helped push the Chicago senator even further into the spotlight and, eventually, into the White House.  But, it’s been a long four years, and all the glitz, glamor, and excitement surrounding the first black president has seriously calmed.  So now, instead of Obama Girl (or Obama Boy) chanting the […]

  • What 2016 Would Look Like As A Horror Film

    Friend Dog Studios present: “2016: The Movie (Trailer)”. Trending right now with over 400,000 views already. Only one day left until it is finally over… “It’s the horror movie of the year. Literally.” via: sploid Read more: https://www.viralviralvideos.com/2016/12/31/2016-look-like-horror-film/

  • Star Wars Informercials

    In honor of the nerdy May the Fourth holiday, The Gamer Chick published this hilarious Star Wars Informercials compilation reel. All the late night infomercial cliches viewers love to hate make an appearance with a Star Wars twist, such as the ubiquitous help-these-poor-cute-animals adverts.   But the ‘Home Carbonite Kit’ is the main focus. Sick of your expensive food going […]

  • Super Soaker: The Thin Wet Line

    If Mother Nature isn’t going to bring a relief for all this hot weather, then kids are gonna have to do it themselves. Thankfully, there’s Super Soakers, those pressurized by pump water squirt guns that rein supreme on the playground.  In honor of all things summer, COWORKERS made this very serious Super Soaker short film parody of the World […]

  • Cool Things To Find – Nerdy Parody Of Dumb Ways To Die

    Remember the cutesy, artsy animated music video by the Australian Metro, titled Dumb Ways To Die, that went viralviral two weeks ago? Currently, that video stands with over 28 million views.  Now, Laugh Pong and Cinesaurus have just debuted their own nerd and science-focused spoof of the popular PSA which they are calling Cool Things To Find. Already, […]