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  • Magic For Dogs Part 2 Is Just As Good As Part 1

    Two weeks ago, magician Jose Ahonen exploded online with his highly entertaining Magic For Dogs video. He quickly amassed over 11 million views! Now, he’s back with another adorable and hilarious serving of magic for dogs.  The dogs may not be able to speak, but the look they make says it all.  “Where’d you put my treat you mean man?” […]

  • Postman Goes Above And Beyond For A Sweet Dog That Loves Getting Mail

    Many dogs enjoy torturing mail carriers by barking at them as they approach. Some pups even go so far as to chase them down the street and right out of the neighborhood! But not this sweet dog from Brisbane, Australia. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’); }); Pippa loves nothing more than getting letters when local mailman Martin […]

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  • 10+ Reasons You Should Never Let Your Dog Play In The Mud

    Dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend, but it looks like these pups have gotten it wrong, because as you can see from this hilarious list compiled by Bored Panda, these guys aren’t man’s best friend – they’re MUD’S best friend! From mud-painted pugs and dirt-caked corgis to stinky sheepdogs and grubby German Shepherds, […]

  • Micro Pig Enjoys Tummy Rub

    This cute clip by Pet Piggies went viral in the past but is trending again now. The short video simply showcases an adorable micro-pig who enjoys a tummy rub on the bed.  Who’s a good piggy?   Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2013/11/30/micro-pig-enjoys-tummy-rub/

  • Simon’s Cat Gets Catnip For Christmas

    Simon’s Cat is without a doubt the Internet’s favorite cartoon cat. Sorry Garfield, your days are over. In this cute holiday special, Simon’s curious cat gets a bag of catnip from Santa, and proceeds to make a mess of things as usual. Oh you silly kitty.     Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2014/12/06/simons-cat-gets-catnip-for-christmas/

  • 15+ Hilarious Comics That Perfectly Capture Life With Cats

    Cats are cute and lovable creatures, but they can sometimes be a true mystery to us humans. These creative comics, called Cat Versus Human, perfectly describe the difficulties a cat owner faces when dealing with the phenomenon of ‘cat logic’. The author behind these comics is Yasmine Surovec, a proud owner of three cats and […]

  • This Cat Got Covered In Flour And Now Looks Like A Demon

    This “demon-cat” is the latest internet feline to get into trouble in the kitchen. Redditor “teddy-bear-the1st” photographed his cat after the accident: “Hi is not a devil. He is just a cat in flour,” the user wrote on Reddit. Has this ever happened to your cat? (h/t: teddy-bear-the1st) Read more: http://www.boredpanda.com/demon-cat-kitchen-accident/

  • Honest Trailer: The Secret Life of Pets

    The newest issue of the “Honest Trailers” by Screen Junkies featuring the animated movie “The Secret Life of Pets” did break the one million views wall within a day. Who’s a good boy?! “Dive into the kids’ movie that is essentially Toy Story, but with pets and none of the good stuff – The Secret […]

  • Ferret Adorably Fails Jump

    The Internet has seen many cats adorably slip up and fail at a jump, but there are many others pets that can be cute while failing too! Marek Riha was taping their cute ferret play on the desk when the furry little guy attempted a jump to the window sill. At first it realized it might be […]