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  • A Day With A Russian Billionaire

    The extreme journalist at VICE continue to cover what the mainstream media wouldn’t dare. In their latest investigative report, Ryan Duffy follows around Russian oligarch Sergey Veremeenk and demonstrates how the .00001% in Russia live.   Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2013/07/16/a-day-with-a-russian-billionaire/

  • Alternative Voting Explained

    Democracy is all good, but maybe we should rethink the way we vote. Alternative voting is a more precise way to instate the person more people want. It also helps stop the two party exclusive system.   Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2011/04/12/alternative-vote-explained/

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  • Sh*t Politicians Say

    AmericansElect created this hilarious political parody of the now famous Sh*t Girls Say fad to bring light to what our election system has become. Politicians on both sides seem to all have the same message: Elect me and I’ll fulfill your wildest dreams. Of course, once elected, things always seem to stay the same, or even get worse… […]

  • Expert Explains Why The Economy Is Still Bad

    Robert Reich explains the Real problems with the economy. The economy has doubled since 1980, but wages for workers are basically the same after taking inflation into account. The richest are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer. In just two minute, Reich explains why our economy and our country as a whole are in […]

  • Explaining SOPA And How It Will Destroy The Internet

    Technology buffs and Internet users in the know are up in arms about a recent bill being proposed in the legistalature that could truly change the Internet as we know it. The bill, called Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, would require websites that host or link to other site to be liable for any […]

  • Satirical Protester Supports Police Arresting People Who Feed The Homeless

    Sometimes our laws just don’t make sense, and common sense should be used instead of just blindly following what you are told. In Orlando, Florida, activists were arrested for feeding the homeless, a deed usually done by the righteous and selfless. This man is a faux anti-protester, and vocally supports the police. He says no matter what […]

  • The Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercial Parody

    By now, you’ve probably seen Coca-Cola‘s latest propaganda campaign. Titled Coming Together, the commercial discusses how important the Coca-Cola company is to America, and also how obesity is a growing problem. Naturally, they barely hint that soft drinks could be one of the leading culprits in the childhood obesity epidemic, and gush over their new seemingly ‘healthy’ options.  Thankfully, John Pemberton noticed […]

  • John McCain Accidently Endorses Obama Instead Of Mitt Romney In South Carolina

    It’s kind of obvious that no matter who the Republican presidential nominee ends up being, the last person 2008 Republican presidential candidate John McCain would endorse is now sitting President Barack Obama. But in South Carolina with Mitt Romney and Governor Nikki Haley at his side, John McCain gave a speech where he was about to […]

  • Donald Trump Offers Obama Five Million Dollars To Open His College Records

    Once again, world famous billionaire Donald Trump has made a hyped up announcement that has gone viral. In the new announcement, Trump offered Obama five million dollars in the form of charity to make his college and passport records public. After taking credit for Obama releasing his long form birth certificate, it’s no wonder The Donald is so […]

  • Maybe I’ll Vote This Year Music Video

    Americans know that their country is full of hypocrisies. We have the day off for President’s Day and Columbus Day, yet most of us can’t figure out why we do. At the same time, Americans loves to tout the fact that we are a free democracy, where everyone’s vote counts. Yet, every four years in the first […]