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  • Prank Farting On People In The Hood

    The hilarious pranksters at Roman At Wood teamed up with solo artist Jack Vales to try and not get killed while pranking people in the ‘hood. Armed with Jack’s very own fart noise maker ‘the pooter,’ they fake fart on people in the type of neighborhood that takes respect very seriously. The results are simply fantastic.  […]

  • Littering In Front of People Social Experiment

    Andrew Hales of LAHWF teamed up with Kyle and Josh of Give Back Films for this latest social experiment.  During a large running event in Atlanta, the pranksters littered right in front of passersby to test their reactions. Sometimes they dropped trash casually, and sometimes they threw it down to seemingly make a statement.  Will people stop the litterbugs […]

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  • Lowering A Mistletoe Over Interview Prank

    Kaitlin Snow and Nate Turley pulled a very special on campus prank in honor of the holidays. In the cafeteria at BYU, they would ask to interview students passing by and ask them some Christmas questions.  At the end, Nate or Kate would ask, ‘Do you do the mistletoe tradition?’ as one of their off camera […]

  • Lizard Poops On Vlogging Girl’s Lap

    NSFW Warning – language content YouTubers Nikki & John, like so many other emerging prankster couples, are self proclaimed ‘crazy pranksters in love’ with over 480,000 dedicated fans.  A few days ago, Nikki was vlogging about her new pet lizard when suddenly, the lizard got a little over-excited, and dropped a load on her lap. […]

  • When You’re Jogging And Run Into A Dinosaur

    Remi Gaillard is lucky a lot of people don’t recognize him yet. This makes room for him to keep pulling of excellent pranks, in this case Jurassic World comes to life! Via: ViralViralVidoes.com Advertisement Read more: https://www.viralviralvideos.com/2017/04/17/when-youre-jogging-and-run-into-a-dinosaur/

  • Headless Halloween Prank

    Ucmagic published this video a week ago for Halloween, and it now stands with over 340,000 views. The magician in the video seemingly, and amazingly, takes his head off his shoulders when passersby are least expecting it, prompting screams of shock and fear.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2012/10/26/headless-halloween-prank/

  • Dad Plays ‘We Have No Milk’ April Fools On Baby

    Jake32504 was enjoying a little one on one time with his son, Caleb when he decided to play a April Fools prank on him. Caleb was all smiles until dad told him the bad ‘news’–they were out of milk and formula. That information instantly sent Caleb into a crying fit, but he calmed down once he […]

  • Mom Pranks White Sox Fan Daughter With Cubs Presents

    Some parents are just mean. At least all the parents who tricked their kids with a bad early Christmas presents for Jimmy Kimmel had a chance to get on TV. But this mom pranked her own kids just for her own giggles. Knowing her Mya was a White Sox fan, and hated the Cubs, she on […]

  • Husband Pranks Wife, Pretends To Be Shocked By Light Switch

    One of the greatest pleasures in life is sharing your misery with your significant other. The husband in this new viral video knows how it’s done. While pretending to work on an electrical switch, he called his wife to flip a switch. When she did, he screamed, “NO!” and fell on the floor shaking as if […]