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  • Paranormal Rigged Apartment Prank

    Halloween is in the air, and that means it’s time for spooky pranks and tricks.  In that honor, DJ of Public Prank invited his friend Adrian over to hang out at his apartment. What Adrian didn’t know was that the apartment was rigged with a hidden camera and ghostly tricks. When Johnny stepped out for a minute […]

  • Entire Field ‘Faints’ To Prank Quarterback

    Dgjohnson4100 says that during football practice, the senior team sent the new sophomore QB off field to put this prank into action. When he returned, the entire field dropped to the ground when he hiked the ball, leaving him standing alone in a shock. Now, the clip which debuted over the weekend has gone viral, and […]

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  • Spider-Man Kissing Prank

    Online prankster Stuart Edge teamed up with Bangakang for a Valentine’s Day-themed video. With the permission of Utah State University, Stuart asked girls walking by on campus if they would participate in a survey. Those who did were asked if they would kiss Spiderman upside-down, like in the famous movie scene, if the opportunity arose? Then, Bangakang, dressed in a Spiderman costume, would lower from […]

  • Russian Hitman Holding Hostage In Elevator Prank

    The Internet knows that Russians are scary. So it’s no surprise people on their way to a supposed job interview ran when the elevator doors opened and they discovered a Russian hit man brutally dealing with his hostage. Don’t worry. It’s just prankster Vitalyzd up to his usual antics again.   Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2014/01/16/russian-hitman-holding-hostage-in-elevator-prank/

  • Awkward Escalator Prank

    Awkward prankster Andrew Hales of LAHWF has struck again, this time at a mall escalator. While riding up the escalator, Andrew tried his very best to make the ascent as awkward and uncomfortable for his fellow riders by standing too close and not following proper escalator etiquette.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2013/08/19/awkward-escalator-prank/

  • $20 On A Fishing Line Prank

    This latest gag by prankster Andrew Hales of LAHWF may seem inspired by cartoons, but that doesn’t make it any less effective. Andrew and his buddies put a nice $20 bill on a fishing line and went fishing for money hungry passersby in downtown. It wasn’t difficult to get a ‘catch’ who would chase the bill as […]

  • Drive-Thru Counterfeit Money Prank

    Magician Rahat has a new magic trick where he somehow superimposes a picture of somebody on a one dollar bill. So Rahat took to the drive-thru to shock some employees. After receiving his change, he showed the person that they gave him a ‘counterfeit’ bill with their picture on it. Naturally, they were shocked.  “How’d he do […]

  • Witch Uses Telekinetic Powers At Coffee Shop Prank

    In this day and age, viewers are no longer interested in a simple movie trailer or commercial.  So to promote the new Carrie horror movie remake with proper viral Internet flair, the studio marketers commissioned this horror prank video at a New York City coffee shop.  With nearly the entire shop previously setup, unknown coffee patrons […]