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  • Want to know if that super-cute bartender is flirting with you, bro? Check the sign.

    A handy guide to answering the age-old question “Is the bartender flirting with me?” went viral on social media this week, and we’re here for it. Titled “Why the Female Cashier Is Being Nice to You” and offering two possible answers (either “She is uncontrollably sexually attracted to you” or “Because that’s literally her fucking […]

  • 17 things about 2017 that weren’t complete and utter garbage.

    2017 was rough. It was the equivalent of getting gum stuck in your hair, then realizing it wasn’t gum at all. It was Nazis. Photo by David McNew/Getty Images. But there were positives too. Seriously. Stop laughing! I mean it. There were good things about 2017. And I have the facts to back it up. […]

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  • We asked 3 Airbnb hosts how they felt about the company banning white supremacists.

    Airbnb’s decision to issue lifetime bans to users planning to attend a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday is winning the company plenty of fans locally. The move, which drew immediate scorn from the rally’s organizers and “alt-right” sympathizers earned praise from residents who share their homes on the service. Looks like Airbnb […]

  • This 8-year-old turned her birthday into a donation celebration.

    There’s a certain feeling you get while talking to someone like Katherine Cartwright. The energy changes. The air crackles as though a storm’s on the horizon. Her enthusiasm rubs off and you suddenly feel inspired, like you might try organizing the garage or finishing the first draft of your novel. It doesn’t seem to matter […]

  • 6 numbers that explain why millennials are moving back home.

    Millennials moving back home seems to be one of the themes of this generation. But the narrative around “moving back home” can be muddy. Why is it happening? What is it like to live at home? Is it a last resort or a smart choice? Here are six numbers that tell the story many people […]

  • 9 thoughtful things to stash in your favorite new-mom care package.

    12 days after his scheduled arrival, baby boy Alexander Anselme Keith came into the world on the morning of Oct. 5. His mother, Peggy, is one of my best friends in the world. I met Peggy in our first year of university in Canada, where we’re from. We were nerdy and witty, obsessed with “The […]