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  • Muslim women marched in yarmulkes as part of a spectacular display of unity.

    Incidents of anti-Semitism have been on the rise in Germany. Things have gotten so bad that — after a recent crime targeting two men because of their religious clothing — the head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany warned Jewish people against wearing a kippah (skullcap). Far-right groups have tried to shift the […]

  • Check out Joe Biden helping a man in need outside a D.C. movie theater.

    There was no press at the Georgetown AMC movie theater on March 8, 2018, when Joe Biden took his granddaughter to see a show. But that didn’t stop one viral photo purportedly of the former vice president from tugging at heart strings everywhere. Moviegoer Caleb Baca snapped a pic of an unknowing Biden interacting with […]

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  • Florida school shooting survivors boldly challenge Rubio on gun control.

    A week after the Stoneman Douglas shooting, thousands of people showed up for a town hall on gun violence in Florida. The Feb. 21 town hall, which was aired live by CNN, featured survivors and family members of those killed in the deadly high school shooting. A spokeswoman for the NRA also showed up. It […]

  • As a teacher, I used to give tons of homework. Here’s why I regret it.

    There are many aspects of my more than decade-long career as a teacher that I’m proud of. My reputation for giving lots and lots of homework is not one of them. For most of my teaching career, I taught fifth or sixth grade. Sometimes I gave more than two hours of homework. Kids complained a […]

  • The ‘Bad Moms’ just got real about their different parenting styles.

    (From left) Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, and Kristen Bell. Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images. 2016’s “Bad Moms” is the hilarious story of a group of moms fed up with trying to be perfect. Tired of laboring over the perfect treat for the bake sale. Tired of cooking only healthy, organic dinners for the kids. Tired […]

  • Want healthy, happy, confident kids? Throw some dirt on them.

    Every parent knows getting dirty and messy is practically part of a kid’s job description. Whether they’re playing outside, coloring on the floor, or just eating, they’ll definitely get covered in something grimy. Given that inevitable result, there are at least two ways parents can react — obsessively clean their child and scold them for […]