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    Take A Bite Out Of These Incredibly Realistic Cake Sculptures. Nommm.

    At Debbie Does Cakes in California’s Bay Area has one rule: they do not do traditional cakes. Instead, you can request literally any item be transformed into the birthday classic baked good. The company explains on their website that their cakes “are one of a kind centerpieces.” Each cake is a work of art. And when you […]

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    Forensic Artist Reconstructs Face From A Skull-Shaped Vodka Bottle

    Nigel Cockerton, a forensic artist based in Scotland, has created a cool and creepy work of art that made use of his very rare set of skills. Instead of reconstructing a person’s face from bone, however, he took a crack at reconstructing a face from a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka, whose iconic skull-shaped glass […]

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  • Yes, This Is A Ship. But When You Look Closer, You’re In For A Shock Because WOW.

    Armed with only box cutters, hot glue, a hand full of able bodied volunteers and enough cardboard to make Amazon jealous one man managed to sculpture this breathtaking sculpture of a full-sized ghost ship. Explaining where he gets all the cardboard for his sculptures he says: “Cardboard is everywhere. Over the years I’ve developed a system called […]

  • These Quilts Might Not Be The Coziest, But The Way They’re Made Is Very Unexpected

    Artist Fraser Smith makes beautiful, vibrantly colored quilts in all kinds of designs, and they’re absolutely gorgeous. There’s just one catch, though: don’t try to sleep under one of them. Unless sleeping under a slab of wood sounds comfortable to you, that is. Smith carefully carves each stitch and fold. The hard material really does […]

  • Stunning Sculpture Of Mother Nature Rotating Earth Inspired By Thailand Disaster

    Maybe the ancients were on to something when they built statues as peace offerings to the gods. Italian sculptor Lorenzo Quinn certainly thinks so, and his multiple-sculpture series, The Force of Nature, embodies this ideal. Each of the roughly 2.5 meter (8.2 feet) sculptures depict what appears to be Mother Nature in a gravity-defying pose, […]

  • Oh That? It’s Just a Giant Emerging from the Earth in My Yard. No Big Deal.

    If you were in Budapest earlier this month, you might have found an enormous stone giant heaving himself up from the very Earth in Széchenyi Square. But he was actually an invited guest, and a very popular one.  László Balkányi for We Love Budapest The sculpture, whose title translates to “popped up,” seems to emerge in […]