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  • Genius Phone Accessory That’ll Make Your Dog Pose For The Perfect Selfie

    San Diego resident Jason Hernandez solved the puzzle of how to take the perfect selfie with your dog. Hernandez’s company, Clever Dog Products, is presently Kickstarting the Pooch Selfie, a selfie stick for dogs. Its design is simple: the Pooch Selfie allows you to attach a ball to the top of your phone, keeping your […]

  • This Woman’s Controversial Self-Portraits Will Change The World And How You See It.

    I used to think that if you’ve seen one selfie, you’ve probably seen them all. Then, I found this series of photos Finnish photographer Iiu Susiraja took, which captured the Internet in a web of curiosity. From making a statement on culture, to rejecting society’s labels on “fat” women, these photos made me realize how people are subjected to […]

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  • Controversial Self Portraits By Finnish Photographer Iiu Susiraja

    Some of us use selfies as a vain form of self-expression, trying to make ourselves look richer, happier or more beautiful than we really are. Finnish photographer Iiu Susiraja, however, turns this concept of the selfie on its head by taking brutally honest, surreal and unflinchingly funny self-portraits using her own body and other objects […]

  • This Photographer’s Self Portraits Poke Fun At The Sanctity Of The Selfie.

    Photographer Sandra Dans has set out to re-define the selfie. She is bringing this previously-self-absorbed photo style into a whole new light. It’s awesome. In her ongoing masters thesis project titled “I AM,” the Philippines native takes a closer look at the sanctity represented by each of us in society’s growing focus on self-representation with […]