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  • More And More Pregnant Women Are Being Misled About Their Choices. Big Time.

    Odds are you don’t seek health advice with hopes of receiving inaccurate info. That’d be so weird! But actually, that’s sort of what’s happening at these centers that are often disguised as something they’re not — and sometimes they even get government money to do it. What the heck? This particular incident happened in the […]

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  • SCARY FACT: 3 Out Of 4 Fast Food Workers Have—

    —been forced to work while sick AND never gotten a raise. Can you imagine living like that? Learn more from the charts below. Then get angry. That’s not everything though. There’s more at their site. Read more: http://upworthy.com/scary-fact-3-out-of-4-fast-food-workers-have

  • Your First Reaction To Seeing A Crime In Progress Is To Report It. Not These Folks. Here's Why.

    The effect of existing immigrant laws go far beyond breaking up families and causing chaos in some communities. As this graphic shows, it can also cause some communities to be terrified of the very people who are supposed to protect them. Read more: http://upworthy.com/your-first-reaction-to-seeing-a-crime-in-progress-is-to-report-it-not-these-folks-heres-why

  • Why Martin Luther King Jr. Might Have Been Offended By Barack Obama’s Second Inauguration

    President Obama placed his hand upon a Bible used by Martin Luther King Jr. during his second inauguration. In a passionate speech, watch as philosopher and professor Cornel West says how this simple act glossed over Dr. King’s incredible message of peace. At 0:44, he boils down why this seemingly harmless act bothered him, think […]

  • 9 Places Where No Woman Has Ever Been

    So, this whole glass ceiling thing is tricky. We tend to focus on the most glaring sources of gender inequality (White House and Congress, I’m looking at you!) but sometimes forget just how depressingly common the disparity is. The following is a (sadly by no means exhaustive) list of places where no woman has ever […]

  • Meet the former inmates who lunched with Obama after he shortened their prison stays.

    It’s one thing for a president to shorten someone’s prison sentence. It’s another thing entirely to take them out to lunch. On March 30, 2016, President Obama granted early prison releases to 61 individuals who were serving time for nonviolentdrug-related crimes. Over the course of his presidency, he’s issued 248 such commutations (sentence reductions) more […]

  • 10 Terrifying Facts About Guns In The U.S.

    With gun control suddenly at the forefront of the American political conversation, interest groups on both sides of the debate have started to make their own claims about the state of guns and gun violence in America. So, what do the numbers really look like? Check below the graphic for our sources. Sources Kenneth D. […]