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  • Sprinter Races From One Subway Stop To The Next To Catch Same Train

    The new YouTube channel Epic Challenges is off to a great start. For their debut video, they had a sprinter run from one subway stop to the next to see if he could catch the same train. Incredibly, he caught the train at the last moment before the doors closed.  You may feel out of breath just […]

  • Michael Jordan VS Muhammad Ali Epic Rap Battles of History

    Key and Peele of Comedy Central take part in this latest match of the web’s most popular rap show, Epic Rap Battles of History. Peele acts as world famous boxer Muhammad Ali, and verbally clashes with Key who performs as the one and only Bulls superstar Michael Jordan.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2013/12/03/michael-jordan-vs-muhammad-ali-epic-rap-battles-of-history/

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  • Stool Breaks Under Sports Announcer James Bates

    The Dayton Flyers and Xavier Musketeers games was starting up with fans cheering in the stands, and the players warming up on the court. CBS news sportscasters James Bate was just greeting the camera and introducing himself and his co-host when the stool underneath him literally collapsed, dumping him to the floor. But the pro […]

  • Italians Make First Glass Snowboard

    Every Third Thursday is a series by Network A focused on exotic snowboards. For their newest episode, they traveled to Italy to create their most fragile and delicate snowboard yet. A glass snowboard. After nearly a week of hard work, they test the new board out at the Abetone ski resort in Tuscany.  Now, the new video has already garnered […]

  • River Boarder Rescues Trapped Squirrel

    River boarder Thomas Paterson was traveling down a stream in Ottawa, Canada when he noticed a cute squirrel trapped on some rocks. The little guy was stranded as the surrounding waters were too rough to swim through. Thomas decided to rescue the little guy and transport the squirrel to dry land.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2014/11/04/river-boarder-rescues-trapped-squirrel/

  • Race Car Drivers Compete In Game Of Drift

    When professional basketball players want to compete against each other, they will often play a game of Horse. After one player completes a challenge, their competitors must complete the same challenge or gain a penalty point. Professional drivers Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg also like to compete, but they don’t use a rim and ball. […]

  • Paraplegic Girl Goes Bungee Jumping

    Being stuck in a wheel chair as a paraplegic can drain the life out of someone, but not this woman. With the help from 9Livesadventures  she went bungee jumping in Whistler, British Columbia for her “First and definitely not last time.” The week old video has more than a quarter million views, and is featured on HuffingtonPost, […]