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  • Awkward Kyle’s Interviews Are A Disaster

    Very awkward Kyle goes around exciting events and tries to interview people in the most awkward, uncomfortable way possible. At the Nitro Circus in Las Vegas, he succeeds again at weirding people out. He’s mostly ignored, or pitied as ‘special’. TheHighDefinite and TastefullyOffensive are helping the video go viral.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2011/11/04/awkward-kyles-interviews-are-a-disaster/

  • Grandpa Goes Wild Driving Electric Scooter Taco Bell Super Bowl Commercial Teaser

    One of America‘s biggest holidays is just around the corner. The Super Bowl. It’s the one holiday based completely on our true obsessions, junk food and violence.  As the tradition goes, the commercials during the Super Bowl are the year’s most expensive, and, supposedly, most entertaining adverts marketers can come up with. Taco Bell has gotten […]

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  • Blake Griffin Bounces Ball Off The Wall Slam Dunk

    Blake Griffin of the LA Clippers has gone viral again in this slam dunk video published by Dream League that has amassed over one million views in just two days.  Blake made an impressive slam dunk off the gym wall in Vegas during Team USA Men’s Basketball preliminaries prompting spectators to cheer. The video is covered by ESPN and NYDailyNews.   Read […]

  • Surfing With A Lit Flare On The Back

    Red Bull presents this video of crazy Bruce who uses pyrotechnics on his surf board. He explains how he surfs with a lit flare! At night time, the effects are incredibly surreal. The video is featured on YouTubeTrends.     Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2011/08/31/surfing-with-a-lit-flare-on-the-back/

  • AI Wrestling… Sort Of. – Video

    Leave it to the nerds to build a crappy looking device and let them battle it out in a wrestling ring. WTF! Advertisement Read more: https://www.viralviralvideos.com/2017/06/22/ai-wrestling-sort-of/

  • Taekwondo Spiderman

    Ginger Ninja Trickster published this video on the first of the year, but it has only gone viral now, amassing over 100,000 views in just one day.  Spiderman is fictional, so this incredible Taekwondo master dressed in a Spidey suit maybe the closest we’ll get to a web-slinging hero. He shows off amazing, near-inhuman maneuvers that seemingly […]

  • Wakeskating The Rice Terraces Of Banaue, Philippines

    Professional wake-skaters Brian Grubb of the US and Dominik Preisner of Germany teamed up with Red Bull to wake-skate the unofficial eighth wonder of the world. The famous rice terraces of Banaue in the Philippines. The terraces are simply perfect for wake-skating, and now the footage of their fun in Nature is going viral. They stress that “respect […]

  • Persistent Skater Fails Five Step Jump Over And Over

    Tin Tran posted this video of skater Matt Lane trying over and over to make it over a very long five step staircase at the park. Though he may fail, he is persistent. But there comes a time for even the most motivated to call it quits. Ouch.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2012/11/07/persistent-skater-fails-five-step-jump-over-and-over/

  • Baseball Bat Stands On Its End After Being Thrown At Mets Game

    At a Mets game, a batter hits a pitch and drops his bat like every batter has done forever. But the bat bounces onto its end and stands there perfectly! The announcers are shocked and say, ‘No waaayy! That would never happen in a hundred years.’   Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2011/05/25/baseball-bat-stands-on-its-end-after-being-thrown-at-mets-game/

  • RC Car Drifting At Skate Park

    The Venice Beach Skate Park is one of the central hubs for skaters, athletes, and beach goers in California. Racer Ken Block is not new to Venice Beach, but this time he decided to shrink things down. He took to the pavement in a much smaller Ford Fiesta than he usually drives. Instead, this one is remote […]