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  • River Boarder Rescues Trapped Squirrel

    River boarder Thomas Paterson was traveling down a stream in Ottawa, Canada when he noticed a cute squirrel trapped on some rocks. The little guy was stranded as the surrounding waters were too rough to swim through. Thomas decided to rescue the little guy and transport the squirrel to dry land.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2014/11/04/river-boarder-rescues-trapped-squirrel/

  • Couple Saves A Squirrel And Now It Lives In Their Christmas Tree

    About a month ago, redditor carefree_dude’s wife found an injured squirrel on the side of the road twitching, most likely hit by a car.  The Poor little guy had a major head trauma and couldn’t do anything, so the family reached out to a wildlife rehabilitator. After 6 days of medicine, Mitten, the squirrel, felt […]

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  • A Tiny Squirrel Just Did the Most Halloweenish Thing Ever. You Need to See It.

    London-based photographer Max Ellis couldn’t bear to hear his kids gripe about carving their pumpkins. To get everyone in the spirit of Halloween, he decided to have some fun and carve mini pumpkins, but with a twist: he suspended each pumpkin and cut holes in the bottom. Why the bottom? Because Max had a neighbor who […]