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  • New Yorkers Stand On The Seats In Fear When A Rat Is Discovered In Subway Train

    New Yorkers are known as strong, resilient people. But throw a fat rat on a subway train traveling through Brooklyn and everyone breaks down into terrified children.  Watch as businessmen, students, and other commuters stand on the seats of a D train heading downtown in fear of the fat rodent.  Jinais Ponnampadikkal Kader caught the whole […]

  • Graffiti Artist Escapes After Being Caught In The Act

    Ever wonder how those urban train cars get covered in graffiti? Well, graffiti artists like this guy are the guilty culprits, but usually they work without being noticed.  This brazen ‘artist’ even put a camera up to record himself working, but was discovered by transit authorities. After being chased around, he manages to escape but […]

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  • Chicago’s Magical Piano In Union Station

    To bring some Christmas cheer to holiday travelers, Rob Bliss Creative collaborated with Amtrak to give birth to the magical piano.  As commuters walked by the lone piano in Union Station, the ‘magical’ instrument came to life, apparently playing music by itself!  It was secretly controlled by Andrew Blendermann.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2013/12/12/chicagos-magical-piano-in-union-station/

  • Sprinter Races From One Subway Stop To The Next To Catch Same Train

    The new YouTube channel Epic Challenges is off to a great start. For their debut video, they had a sprinter run from one subway stop to the next to see if he could catch the same train. Incredibly, he caught the train at the last moment before the doors closed.  You may feel out of breath just […]

  • Man Performs Perfect Rendition Of Johnny Cash Sunday Morning Coming Down

    Jesse Morris is a musician who has a perfect Johnny Cash sound. If you close your eyes when he performs Sunday Morning Coming Down, it’ll be difficult to hear any difference from Johnny Cash himself. Sadly, Jesse performs in a BART train station in San Francisco for commuters who don’t appreciate him.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2011/11/16/man-performs-perfect-rendition-of-johnny-cash-sunday-morning-coming-down/