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  • Family Feud What Would You Do For Sex?

    This older Family Feud video from 2011 has started to trend again over the weekend. Steve asks the contestants, ‘Tell me a word a married man would fill in the blank, I would blank for sex?‘ Naturally, the men get the answers right to the glee of Steve Harvey while the women have no idea how to […]

  • Recovery Of SUV Stuck In Mud Goes Seriously Wrong

    This dramatic clip from the Australian rugged expedition television show All 4 Adventures has gone viral.  While searching for new fishing spots on the coast, adventurers Jase and Simon got stuck in a sticky situation. Literally.  One of the SUV’s quickly sunk in wet mud while attempting to cross some water tracks. With the tide coming in […]

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  • Racists For Trump Parody Political Ad By SNL

    Saturday Night Livetook this idea and ran with it in this spoof political ad for Trump. Did SNL hit the nail on the head or did they take it too far?   Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2016/03/06/racists-for-trump-parody-political-ad-by-snl/

  • Usher Fights Himself In ‘Looking 4 Myself’ Samsung Music Video

    Music videos and marketing continue to meld. As we have seen before, more artists are turning from simply featuring a product, such as a smartphone or watch, in their music videos to dedicating entire songs to advertising. Pop superstar Usher is the latest artist to follow this trend. He and Samsung Televisions collaborated to create this ‘Looking […]

  • Celebrities Read Negative Tweets About Themselves On JKL

    With the magic of Twitter, celebrities and fans are more connected than ever. The mini blogging service is arguably used solely for this purpose. But it’s not all fun and gushing over celebs. There are plenty of negative comments tweeted to famous actors and entertainers all the time.  Jimmy Kimme Live correctly thought it would be fun for […]

  • OK Go Three Primary Colors Sesame Street Music Video

    OK Go was one of the first bands to really go authentically viral based solely on their music videos without the help of a big corporate budget. It’s been a while since they released a new song, but perhaps they have been too busy creating this adorable stop motion music video for Sesame Street called […]

  • Ellen’s Best Celebrity Scare Pranks Compilation

    Halloween is of course the most popular day to scare and prank people. But Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t like to be boxed in. She likes to prank her celebrity guests and friends all year long! In honor of Halloween, the popular daytime talk show host put together this hilarious supercut of her best celebrity scare pranks.    […]

  • Crazy Guy Does Bird Call Interrupting Webb Simpson US Open Victory Speech

    Webb Simpson just won the US Open on Sunday. During his victory interview, one fan got close enough, and let out his best and loudest bird call, interrupting the new champ. He was quickly pulled off camera, to which Webb laughed and said, “Enjoy your jail cell.” Gosh, golf sure is serious stuff. The video […]

  • KSLA News Performs Harlem Shake Dance

    It’s already happened. Just as Gangnam Style is being put to sleep, another Internet meme craze has begun to sweep across users’ newsfeeds and email inboxes.  The Harlem Shake dance. The latest to perform the outrageous dance is the KSLA news crew. Naturally, the clip is going viral after Harlem Shake reuploaded it to YouTube.    Read […]