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  • Dog Works As Crossing Guard

    With all the horrible, dark news that erupts daily, it’s no wonder the media always makes sure to throw in a nice fluff piece or two. This fluff story from Greenwich, New York is a perfect viral video candidate. Internet users seem to never get their fill of cute, unique pets and animals, and instantly […]

  • If Cable TV News Existed During Time Of Moses

    Everyone knows the story of Moses, of how he freed the Israelite people from the bondage of the Egyptians. But how would the politics of those days be seen on today’s 24/7 cable news cycle? Let’s find out.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2011/11/18/if-cable-tv-news-existed-during-time-of-moses/

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  • Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga Liqourville SNL Skit

    Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga performed in a hilarious, musical alcohol themed skit on SNL last weekend. Timberlake came out as a singing beer bottle, and Gaga was a bottle of wine. I feel wasted just watching all the booze.     Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2011/05/23/justin-timberlake-lady-gaga-liqourville-snl-skit/

  • Star Wars Informercials

    In honor of the nerdy May the Fourth holiday, The Gamer Chick published this hilarious Star Wars Informercials compilation reel. All the late night infomercial cliches viewers love to hate make an appearance with a Star Wars twist, such as the ubiquitous help-these-poor-cute-animals adverts.   But the ‘Home Carbonite Kit’ is the main focus. Sick of your expensive food going […]

  • 15 TV Theme Songs In 2 Minutes Mash Up

    The feeling of nostalgia when you hear that familiar intro tune to your favorite after school TV show is universal. KorenEnsemble made this beautiful mash up of 15 favorite TV show them songs. How many can you recognize? The video is featured on Neatorama and HuffingtonPost.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2012/01/03/15-tv-theme-songs-in-2-minutes-mash-up/

  • Men Play Piano With Pants Down, No Hands On Got Talent Show

    Today, almost every country in the world has their own blank Got Talent show. I’m not sure which one this is from, but its definitely not America. I don’t think they would allow this to air in the US. Two piano players come out dressed in black tie. But instead of playing piano with their […]

  • Louis C.K. Hates Cell Phones

    The web is literally eating this new clip from Conan up! Comedian Louis CK was Conan O’Brien’s guest, and the two discussed getting Louie’s kids a cellphone. Louie explained that smartphones are basically turning humans into emotionless zombies. Sometimes, you just have to sit and do nothing, and let the sadness wash over you. Amazingly, […]

  • Stride Mintacular Commercial Spoofs Apple Signature Advertising Style

    The moment the commercial starts, everyone recognizes it. Another pretentious, obnoxious commercial from Apple with their cliche all white background, and a general feeling of haughtiness like they cured cancer.  But all they’re really doing is selling yet another piece of over-priced consumer electronics that will be obsolete in a few years.  There have been countless parodies […]

  • Lys Agnes Sings Habanera From Bizet’s Carmen – America’s Got Talent

    Lys Agnes has always loved singing, so decided to try out her talent on America’s Got Talent. Now she is in the finals and really has to bring it. Lys sang Bizet’s classic song Habanera from the opera Carmen and blew it away. She received a standing ovation and will, no doubt, continue her amazing […]

  • Evolution Of Mom Dancing With Jimmy Fallon And Michelle Obama

    Remember Jimmy Fallon’s father-themed homage to the famous viral video Evolution of Dance? Well, he has returned to honor the other equally most important person in everyone’s lives. Mom. To promote her “Let’s Move” campaign, First Lady Michelle Obama graced Late Night to star with Jimmy Fallon in this Evolution of Mom Dancing music video which has instantly gone […]