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  • This Mountain Biking Video Will Most Definitely Leave A Pit In Your Stomach

    My helmet’s off to extreme mountain bikers. I mean, I can barely ride down my flat, paved street without being afraid of falling. But these guys take on rugged mountain terrain and narrow cliffs as if they were empty highway stretches. Watch as they completely dominate every path they encounter. Just…try not to get dizzy. […]

  • 8 Vessels In History That Were Mysteriously Abandoned By Their Crew

    One of the most tragic mysteries of the sea is when a ship disappears without a trace, but I’d say it’s arguably even creepier when the ship IS found, yet the crew has all but vanished. Was it a storm that washed the crew away, or something far more sinister? Here’s a list of ghost […]

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  • It May Look Alien, But The Sound It Makes Is Beautifully Tranquil

    The hang is a relatively new instrument that was created by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer back in 2000. Similar to the eternally annoying steel drum, the hang relies on metallic vibrations. It’s different, however, because the hang’s design makes these sounds resonate in a totally new way. That may sound technical, but all you […]

  • 6 Wrongful Convictions Which Prove That The Avery Case Wasn’t The First

    In 1985, Steven Avery was arrested by the Manitowoc County police department in Wisconsin for the sexual assault of a woman named Penny Beernsten. It wasn’t until 2003, however, that Avery was released from prison after DNA evidence proved that the culprit was another man. Avery is, of course, tied to another case that was […]

  • One Woman Makes The Understatement Of The Century While Driving Through Hellfire

    When the apocalypse finally comes, it will probably look like this. This footage comes to us from Ventura, California. A huge brush fire spread across 1,250 acres of land, and over 600 firefighters worked tirelessly to contain it. Probably the most shocking footage from the disaster is this video that one family took while driving […]

  • This Hero Loves Bacon So Much, He Decided To Cure His Own

    How much do you love bacon? No matter how many meals you arbitrarily sprinkle it on, you’re never going to love the savory topper more than Reddit user fourthwardco. When he bought 8.6 pounds of pork, he decided to actually cure his own bacon. As he walks us through the steps, you’ll realize the difference […]

  • The Mafia Is All Around Us…Do You Know Who Your Local Mobsters Are?

    From The Godfather to the The Sopranos, it’s pretty clear that mafia members are just as important to American pop culture as Expansion-era cowboys. Hollywood seems pretty keen on focusing on the Five Families of New York City and the Chicago Outfit, but there are plenty more mafia groups around the U.S. that are just […]

  • When His Table Was Chipping, He Took It Apart And Did THIS To It!

    Have you ever had a piece of furniture so frustratingly bland it bummed you out just looking at it? That’s how Reddit user culb77 felt about his family’s kitchen table. Attempts to make it look less lame proved futile…until he had the idea of working with copper. Below are the steps he took to make […]