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  • Irish Guys Try To Unblock Toilet With Firecracker

    Lochlann Carney and is Irish flatmates had a common bachelor problem on their hands. Someone had clogged the toilet, and no one wanted to deal with the issue.  Naturally, the crew agreed on lighting a firecracker inside the bowl to attempt to solve the clog. Let’s just say, a stuffed up a drain is no longer […]

  • She’s Only 7 Years Old But Already Might Be Considered Indestructible

    Have you ever wondered how cool (or is it horrifying?) the world might be if superheroes actually existed? As a proud nerd, this is something I contemplate often. Ultimately, though, it’s a futile line of thinking, because superheroes just don’t exist…right? If the story of seven-year-old Olivia Farnsworth is to be believed, maybe superheroes are […]

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  • This Coastal Town Is Being Invaded By Pink Bottles…I Wish I Was Making This Up

    There’s nothing quite like the English coastline. However, things like pollution and climate change are threatening the future of the fragile ecosystem. The latest, most bizarre example of which is a discovery made by residents near Poldhu Beach in Cornwall earlier this week. While not quite as upsetting as other disasters, it serves as a […]

  • 3-D Printing Is Now Allowing Expectant Parents To Do Some Really Creepy Stuff

    Expectant parents can be an odd bunch. They’re usually bundles of nerves as their due dates get closer and closer. While they’re understandably nervous, they’re usually pretty excited to meet their new additions. This excitement is good, but it can sometimes lead them to do bizarre things — things like getting decidedly creepy 3-D models […]

  • Little Boy Mispronounces “We’re Trucking” While Driving With Dad And Uncle

    NSFW Warning – cute, accidental inappropriate language Young kids mispronouncing words like ‘truck‘ that are oh-so similar to common swear words is a timeless favorite in real life and online. That Ian Bloke was trucking along across the pond with his brother and nephew when they decided to declare their actions on camera.  His brother, the driver, […]

  • Razy Gogonea Matrix Dance On Britain’s Got Talent

    Razy Gogonea runs onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage with confidence. He performs a break dancing, body popping dance with a Matrix feel. He pulls off slow motion moves  and twirls from the movie, but in real life. He wears cool all black leather and plays music all inspired from The Matrix. The crowd love […]

  • H&M David Beckham Underwear Short Film Commercial

    It may not seem to be, but Spring is just around the corner! To get into the spring of things, H&M enlisted English screenwriter Guy Ritchie to direct a special commercial to showcase their new David Beckham line. Naturally, David Beckham stars in the short film advert that features the famous footballer running through his high-end neighborhood in only his new bodywear luxury clothing […]

  • 35 Reasons You Should Never Visit London

    Go to London, I guarantee you’ll either be mugged or not appreciated. 1. For some reason London is one of the most popular travel destinations on the planet. View this image › Via Flickr: janie_easterman Hampstead Heath, London 2. This can only mean one thing: people are stupid. I mean, look at it. What a […]