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  • Your favorite new Kickstarter is a dad sharing the magic of his turtle hat.

    Lynn Johnson first discovered the legendary turtle hat after a painful slog through Purgatory in 1996. Purgatory Resort in Colorado, that is, where Johnson was skiing with friends and ended up tearing his ACL on the slopes. But on that fateful night, as he hobbled his way to dinner, he saw the green, shell-patterned flatcap […]

  • Powerful Interviews With Homeless People In Atlanta End With $200 Giveaway

    After pulling off some shinanegans in Atlanta, Georgia, Andrew Hales of LAHWF and Kyle and Josh of Give Back Films decided to get serious and do some good.   They found a few homeless people on the streets, and interviewed them about their lives and struggles.  After hearing their powerful stories, they gave each $200 cash to give them an emotional and […]