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  • Mortal Kombat Gangnam Style Parody

    The video game obsessed nerds at RI0T are the latest to go viral parodying the South Korean mega hit sensation Gangnam Style. Dressed in familiar Mortal Kombat costumes, the crew danced around to the catchy tune on the streets on New York. The spoof has gone viral over the weekend, being featured on NeoGaf, TheFW, and PreFixMag. It currently […]

  • Frog Playing Ant Crusher Ends With Surprise

    Remember the bearded dragon lizard that went viral playing the smart phone video game Ant Crusher? Well, that wasn’t the only bug eating creature that enjoys play Ant Crusher. But when this huge bull frog plays, there’s a surprise at the end.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2011/12/21/frog-playing-ant-crusher-ends-with-surprise/

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  • Teens Play The Original Mega Man On Nintendo And They’re Awful

    Kids these days don’t know how good they have it. Today’s video games are made to please, and don’t really test your skills like the older games. Back in the 80′s video games were hard. The original Mega Man for the Nintendo is well known as one of the hardest classic games out there.  So how will […]

  • Avatar On Atari

    Avatar may have been released two years ago, but there are still Avatar themed online videos being posted. Many complained that the movie was all CGI, and had no real deep plot. If you took away all the crazy graphics, and broke it down, all that would be left is basically an Atari game. I’d […]

  • DOOM On The MacBook Pro Touch Bar

    It seems as if the first thing that is being (dis)played on every new screen there is and ever will be is “DOOM”. YouTuber diffractive – b3ll did the test and got over 700.000 views in return for it. “Doom runs on everything but can it run on the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar?” And […]

  • Video Game Parkour Is Sadly Not Real

    Ronnie Street is famous online for his epic street running and parkour videos. He takes the extreme sport to the next level. Speaking of levels, for his latest video, Ronnie put a nerdy twist on his usual routine by adding video game special effects and sounds. They have countless skateboarding video games, so why aren’t there any […]

  • Blood Dragon: The Cyber War Live Action Short Film

    NSFW Warning – Content The hype online surrounding the upcoming Blood Dragon expansion pack for the ultra popular open world, first person shooter Far Cry 3 is palpable. As an awesome promotion, popular visual effects studio Corridor Digital worked together with video game company Ubisoft to create this viral live action short film Blood Dragon: The Cyber War. “Never trust a […]

  • Video Game Alphabet

    Artist, animator, and avid gamer Evan Seitz pooled his hobbies together to create this video game obsessed animation which has started to trend on Vimeo.  The animation goes through the ABC’s of video games in a beautiful collage of popular gaming icons and characters. Did your favorite game make the list? How many can you recognize?    […]

  • Pokemon The Musical

    As most fans already know the theme song by heart, it’s only natural for the music nerds of AVbyte to perform their magic on Pokemon and give the series a musical boost.  In anticipation of the new Pokemon X & Y games soon to debut, the crew created this Pokemon Musical which is instantly trending as it should.  […]

  • Jimmy Fallon And Selena Gomez Cover Mario Kart Love Song

    Back in 2008, when YouTube was just starting to get hot, musically talented nerd Sam Hart went viralviral with his adorable, touching, and nerdy original song Mario Kart Love Song. That music video currently stands with over 8 million views.  Being the youngest and most hip late night host on television, it was no surprise Jimmy Fallon recently teamed up with […]