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  • Snowboarder Engulfed In Avalanche Survives

    Professional snow boarder Meesh Hytner was boarding in the back country near Montezuma, Arizona when a class 3 avalanche literally engulfed her. She only had a few moments to react, and the pro thankfully deployed her BCA Float 30 avalanche airbag in time to help keep her above the snow. The chilling video is featured on Gizmodo, Bing, YouTubeTrends, […]

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  • Massive Snowfall Timelapse

    Click to unmute While cold isn’t the nicest part of winter, the snow at least makes it beautiful. In some places, it snows A LOT. To show that, photographer Alex Sauerbrunn used his GoPro to film a timelapse of a snowstorm in his home U.S. state of Connecticut. Click to unmute Massive Snowfall Timelapse While […]

  • Toddler Falls Asleep Standing While Skiing

    This little kid had so much fun on the slopes, he passed out standing up. The video published on March 5th just went viral today, and is already featured on Jezebel, TheHighDef, and TastefullyOff.   Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2012/03/26/toddler-falls-asleep-standing-up-on-skis/

  • 16+ Pics Of Birds Cuddling Together For Warmth Will Melt Your Heart

    Birds are warmblooded animals, which means that they maintain their body temperature independent of the environment. However, their often tiny size forces them to adapt, and even work together, when it gets cold outside. New Zealand Birds describes this behavior in one species, the fantail: They huddle together in such roosts for warmth, the most […]

  • Swinging iPhone Around While Skiing Has Stunning Video Results

    But after much tinkering,Nicolas Vuignierhas finally pushed the envelope further. He figured out how to attach a string to hisiPhone 6 and perfectly record himself from above while skiing down hill. The results? Stunning!   Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2016/02/05/swinging-iphone-around-while-skiing-has-stunning-video-results/

  • Jammed Ice On Frozen River Finally Flowing Will Blow Your Mind

    Alex Geller posted this jaw-dropping nature video in 2011, but it has only gone viral now. Alex was by the Wild Ammonoosuc River in New Hampshire when the ice of the frozen river finally broke allowing for a giant tidal wave of icy water to surge downstream. The powerful water even dragged trees down with it!    Read […]

  • Gangnam Style Christmas Light Show

    Listen To Our Lights is naturally a YouTube channel dedicated to those Christmas light show-pop music synchronizations that have become a staple around the holiday season. Of course for this year, PSY’s world famous hit single Gangnam Style is the song of choice. Already, this Korean-inspired Christmas light show has over 200,000 views, and is further covered on DailyMail, […]

  • Shooting Boiling Water From Water Gun In Extreme Canadian Cold Has Amazing Results

    The web has seen countless examples of what happens when you toss a bucket of boiling water outside in subzero temperatures. The water instantly turns to a cloud of steam and frost.  But Chrisgsauce has finally innovated.  In this new video, he demonstrates what happens when you fill a Supersoaker with boiling water and fire the water […]